It is quite probable that you have heard about influence marketing and digital influencers or just influencers as we know today. But what this really means? Is it an innovative technique or an old but renewed technique? Find the answers to these questions and learn all the details below.

What is influence marketing, and when did started?

Influence marketing is a tool used for a brand to reach its target audience through the influence of trendy people (influencers). That is, these people exert influence on potential buyers, to convince them to purchase the brand’s product. It means that the influencer symbolizes the brand, in the eyes of buyers.

Contrary to what one might believe, influence marketing is not new. This technique originated back in the 1900s. So, why do we all think it is one of the most innovative tools out there? It is because we only think about digital influence marketing. However, the original idea of using someone who is known to the public as a symbol of a brand is ancient.

How does influence marketing work?

In the past, this influence happened, mainly, using the image of the known person printed, many times, in the product presentation itself. Today that has completely changed. Now, the influencer does the job of advertising; record videos talking about the product, post photos consuming the product or using the service, telling how and which brand has changed their consumption habits, always encouraging people to consider your suggestion.

Why does influence marketing work?

Perhaps you say that it is not so easy to be convinced to buy a certain product. Not everyone will succeed. But it can also happen that the person you follow on the social media, whom you admire, whom you think shares a relevant content for you, believes and listens, does.

Often, it is not even necessary for the influencer to be someone famous, but only someone who, for some reason, has a special connection with a certain segment of the public. It is very common for bloggers and YouTubers to become influencers. It is because they capture the interest of certain people, and they end up considering their opinion as valuable.

What do influencers have to do with affiliates?

You may be wondering if this article is relevant to affiliate work. Well, know that you, as an affiliate, can become an influencer. Or vice versa, you can be an influencer and become an affiliate from that.

Directly or not, the affiliate ends up being an influencer, since he gives tips to his followers, indicates products and services, tells his experience to them etc. In other words, it ends up being a reference for people.

So, if you are an influencer, but still don’t work as an affiliate, think about it seriously, as it is an excellent opportunity. And if, on the contrary, you are an affiliate, but do not consider yourself an influencer, it may be time to increase your power of influence over your audience.