Are you looking for professional alternatives or maybe thinking about increasing your incomes? This article may be perfect for you; being an affiliate is a great path to walk through. However, if this is your first time in the Affiliate world, there are a few things that you need to know first.

Let’s see a simple step by step to know what to do.

Step 1: Understand what affiliation is

First of all, it’s essential to understand a little bit about the Affiliate world. That is, to know what the affiliation is and what the primary function of affiliates.

So, you may look for information, on our blog and on other pages, to understand that the affiliate is an intermediary between a brand or product and customer. In this way, communication with the stakeholders and with potential stakeholders is the first role of an affiliate. Second, you have to disclose what you want to sell. And, finally, you have to convince the public that you are the best choice for them to get the service or product. To finally receive the satisfaction of closing the sale.

Step 2: Think about what would be good to have to start

Looking at the work of the affiliate, you can already think about those tools, strategies and knowledge that would be useful to develop the task. It is essential to understand that this job does not require prior experience or training. Even so, don’t forget that there are courses, tools and skills that will make your job more professional.

So, think about it, to see what you can do for better development.

Step 3: Get to know the brand or product that you are going to disclose

Once you have defined what your product is going to be, you will have to know it as much as possible.

As you know, our divulgence product is online entertainment and the Betmotion brand. So, the first thing to do is to visit Betmotion website. Check which entertainment areas they have. See what kind of alternatives there are, know the payment methods, the contact ways and all the relevant features that you think may be important to your audience. Remember that proper and efficient divulgence is the result of having studied the product and knowing it by heart, avoiding mistakes and confusion.

Step 4: Plan the divulgence methods you will use

Now is the time to decide which ways of communication you will use, at least, at the beginning. Of course, over time, you will try new methods and increase your public. But it is essential to know with which way you are going to start. Because once registered in the affiliate program, you have to start working, to start generating profits.

Step 5: Register on our program

Once you have all the information and have chosen how it will work, you can register on our platform. You just need to fill out the form with the requested information, contact us to ask questions and ask us for marketing materials you need to start your career with us.

Click here and join our team. We are waiting for you; you will not regret it!