If you want to use Digital Marketing as an ally in order to facilitate the growth of your business, some tools will be needed. That’s why it is very important to know and identify the most efficient tools to your work.

Do you already know any of them? On this article, you will find some of the most popular tools used by many digital marketing professionals.

Landing pages development

Landing pages are very important; since it is through them that your site can receive visitors and convert them into leads. That means that all the efforts put into it will be primarily responsible for conversion. Considering this, you need to have a tool for develop landing pages. This or these tools to create landings (paid or free), will be efficient, to attract people who can provide data for a future contact.

Content Marketing Platform and post scheduling

Content Marketing platforms are very helpful to control and document brand planning and production strategies.

The process of planning the issues, organizing the extension, the frequency of posts and their links, is an arduous process and requires a good organization. That is why these kind of platforms exists; they have the main objective of optimizing the process, shortening times and reducing the invested efforts.

The most common platforms: Buffer, Instamizer, Hootsuite.

SEO and Analytics Tools

SEO tools are all important Digital Marketing allies, as they are designed to help search engine rankings. With these tools you can search keywords to use, optimize websites with the use of plugins, and do analysis.

In order to measure the results of the different techniques applied, it’s important to have some tool that considers all the data in order to evaluate and understand the performance of the visits. However, not only the performance, these kind of tools evaluate the return that the brand had on the investment made. This helps to detect which strategies are being positive and which are not, detecting the specific actions that should be changed.

The most common tools: Google Analytics, Semrush, Moz, SEO Right.

Content Management System (CMS)

In addition to having a site, with the development of landings pages and tools to measure results, it’s necessary to get a Content Management System. With that tool you will be able to create, edit and publish different types of content, not only texts but also multimedia. There are several brands of CMS, however, one of the most used globally, by the possibilities offered is WordPress.

The most common tools: WordPress, Wix.

Monitoring social networks

Just as you need to monitor site movement, clicks and impressions, you need to monitor and track your development in the media for optimization purposes.

As for social networks, these tools aim to increase productivity, allowing making prior scheduled posts, verification of all mentions of the brand and control of the answers on the shared contents.

Conversion optimization

Once you know what subjects are of interest to your customers, you have to analyze and work to promote the best experience and usability. This may be done with the technique known as Test A /B.

Most common: Google Optimize (Google Analytics extension).

Compression of images

Any website, blog or social network should consider the control and elaboration of images, which like texts, are analyzed by Google in order to position the content.

It’s important to ensure that their loading is fast, thus preventing users from leaving your site sooner than desired.

The most common: Tinypng.

Creating infographics

It’s very important to have a Design team in your company to create infographics. However, if you don’t have much time or money, there are some online tools that can help. Besides being practical and very simple to use.

The most common: Infogram, Piktochart and Visme.

Animation production

As with infographics, to produce animations, it is advisable to have a designer. However, if that isn’t possible, you can rely on some of these handy tools to deliver tips, tutorials and animated content to users.

The most common: Canva, Rawshorts, PowToon, Showbox and FluxVFX.

Social networks posts

Do you need to integrate images with text to post immediately on social networks but you don’t have time to do it? Some online tools can help you.

The most common: Desygner, Recite, Pablo and Flimbo.

Bank images

Take note about this one. If you need to use images on your site or ads, search on bank images, go to professionals. Try not to save images from Google. Do you know why? Images from Google is not always the best option because of their quality and copyright issues.

The most common: ShutterStock, PixaBay, PhotoDune and TinyPng.

URL Shortener

It’s a lot better to have short and “pretty” URLs, that is, to contain your keywords, to make it easier to remember, and it helps you to position better. Believe or not, for this there are tools too.

The most common: Google URL Shortener, Bitly and Pretty Link Lite.

In addition to the tools presented on this article, many others guarantee that Digital Marketing work is done professionally and in an organized and effective way. Choose the ones you haven’t tried yet. Professionalize your work even more, ensuring excellent commissions!

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