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WHO WE ARE is an online affiliate program that offers a product line on the same online entertainment site. Affiliates can earn high commissions for promoting our brand.

With an extensive portfolio of gaming products and brands, Vision Media Services has established itself as a major player in the provision of online consumer entertainment services.

Vision Media Services members have been active in the gaming space for over 17 years, and in that time have been both a software developer and marketing organization.

Vision Media Services offers a variety of games through a proprietary branded platform integrated to a number of secondary brands and alliances with blue chip companies.

Vision Media Services is a limited-liability business corporation incorporated in Curacao, and registered in full compliance with the Curacao law. It is regulated and licensed by the Government of the Curacao, and operates under the Curacao Casino Gaming License. Certain content is licensed and regulated by the following gaming jurisdictions: UK Gambling Commission, Malta Lotteries & Gaming Authorities and Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

Vision Media Services does not accept wagers and or deposits from players using real money from United States.

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Betmotion is an exciting online gaming site with a wide range of fun and innovative games. At Betmotion, the player is the centre of our attention.


Customer Service works 24/7 to assists players in their every need and our team are constantly working to bring a safe & secure environment so that the players can enjoy and have an unforgettable experience.


Betmotion targets the English, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish speaking markets, and provides local and regional payment methods and customer service, plus unique localized content, promotions, newsletters, and marketing material for different markets.


Betmotion’s high level of conversion rates confirm that the combination of local content, payment processing & withdrawal solutions, personalized attention and affiliate programme makes of Betmotion a favourite among players. Betmotion’s mission is to provide the player with the Best User Experience possible. As we say at Betmotion, “Your Emotion is Our Passion”!



How does it work?

1 – Register – It´s free

2 – Promote – Use our exclusive marketing tools

3 – Receive payment – Be our affiliate partner

Win up to 40% commissions

All our affiliates’ starts with 20% commission, depending performance, they can reach 40%.

Program with two Levels of Sub-affiliates

Significant increase in revenue with our sub-affiliates programme. Once your sub-affiliates start acquiring new Money Players, you will earn additional revenue from their referral activity.

Exclusive Marketing tools

Effective Marketing tools to optimize conversion. Large range of Creative materials – banners gif, links, email templates, free games and unique content per order.

A dedicated Account Manager

Be welcomed by your account executive. He will guides you, send exclusive material and be willing whenever you need help.

Complete Reporting Tools

Trusted Income Access powered software-providing affiliates with comprehensive reports on conversion, player performance, revenue and commission.




Afiliados Brasil 2017

With the goal of stratifying even more the alliances with our partners, we have been in another edition of Afiliados Brasil.
After a long cycle of changes in our business, it was very important to participate again in the three days of this event, since we had the opportunity to talk with players of this market and to keep us updated with all news and technology of affiliation marketing segment.
Furthermore, it was a unique possibility to have contact with professionals from all over the world, interchanging experiences and knowledge about gaming segment targeted at a market that still needs good alternatives in this sector, as in the case of Brazilian market.


Afiliados Brasil 2016

From May 19th to 21st, PartnersOnly was present once again, in São Paulo, in the largest industry gathering of national and international Marketing Affiliates. Affiliates Brazil is the first and largest event on Affiliate Marketing to be held on Brazilian land. It aims to generate knowledge through conferences, networking, exhibition of products and services related to online industry. We take networking to show a little more about our work as Affiliate Program of an Entertainment Site, a little known niche in Brazil. It was worth it.


Afiliados Brasil

A new edition of Afiliados Brasil took place from 28-30 May 2015. PartnersOnly was present at the Centro de Convenções Rebouças de São Paulo. Was a unique opportunity to share knowledge, develop strategies, techniques, meet partners and receive useful tips from professionals.


London Affiliate Conference

PartnersOnly team was present at LAC in London January 31 – February 2, 2015. In this opportunity, we joined forces with Income Access and we were together at the conference


Afiliados Brasil Nordeste

Afiliados Brasil is the largest Brazilian Affiliates Congress that aims to bring together all affiliates, companies, agencies, advertising and all users who are directly or indirectly connected to the development of techniques and tactics to improve performance and projects online. PartnersOnly was present at the Oasis Atlantic Hotel where the event took place. We met some partners and share knowledge through educational lectures and much networking.










PartnersOnly offers a revenue share program that is granted on a monthly basis, based on performance of players at With a unique affiliate b-tag number, the affiliate has access to all the marketing tools and you can track with this b-tag the number of clicks, registrations, deposits and players bets.

All our affiliates’ starts with 20% commission, depending of their performances, they can reach 40%.

Learn how to increase your commission:

Commission is based on the Net Revenue from all players. Therefore, the percentage of monthly commission is variable and is defined on a monthly basis once the numbers are collated

Net Revenue - Month/USD % Commission
$ 0 - $5,000 20%
$ 5,001 - $10,000 25%
$ 10,001 - $30,000 30%
$ 30,001 - 40,000 35%
$40,001 + 40%

Net Revenue is calculated considering Gross Revenue (player losses), per affiliate player, minus bonus, content and network providers, fraud and payment processes.

Net Revenue = Gross Revenue – Operating Expense – Wagering Returns – Bonuses or Promotional Money – Administration Fees – Fraud and Chargebacks


Payments shall be made through player’s account.

Payments will be made between the 15th and 30th day of the month following each calendar month, and only amounts equal to or greater than USD 50 will be paid to the player’s account. If it is generated a lower value, commission shall be carried forward to the following month.

Commission with referred and sub-affiliates

We have created a 2-tier commission structure, where affiliates can receive a commission out of its referrals and from sub-affiliates.

Level 1 10%
Level 2 5%





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