In the technological age, affiliation is a profession which is being recognized as increasingly prestigious. The world talks about this new marketing approach, but not everyone is completely sure what the discipline entails. So we ask the question, what is an affiliate?

Defining affiliate

As we all know, we live in the era known as “digital age”. Even the most traditional companies have had to adapt to the new demands of the market because as only the ones who adapt to the environment will survive. During this process of survival, companies first marketed their products and services on the Internet. This was the first virtually obligatory transformation. Nobody was forced to make these changes and shift focus, but those who wanted to survive in the business world must adapt.

Following these huge wave of changes and new features over the years, there is now a new contender to take note of, “affiliates”. An affiliate is a person who, receiving a commission fee in exchange, chooses to promote the product or service in the media. However, there’s some intrigue about this “new” profession. Do you want clarification on these?

A new profession… or not so much

We previously explained that being an affiliate is a relatively new discipline and now you wish to find out more about how it works best.

One might question why a profession which developed with the internet is deemed new? Well, that’s the way it is, and maybe it’s even older than we think.

Let’s do a little mental analysis of the definition that we cite as an affiliate. To be affiliated, at least one person is required. In addition, this person should be dedicated to promote or sell a product on behalf of another. Do you see that? People close to us all have been doing this work for a long time, of course with some differences. Do you still need another clue?

Right! That neighbor, your mother’s friend, who always came to your house with a cosmetics magazine. Well, she was serving as an affiliate. Let’s go back to the basic definition of an affiliate: a person offering products that belong to a brand. Was that not the same as this neighbor was doing? Exactly.

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Monetizing an old custom

We are confident that all of us, at some point in our lives, have pointed out something to someone. Let’s think together. How often do we tell someone to try some food, watch a movie or visit some market? Probably too many times! However, let’s try to remember how often we get something in return for this, especially money. Never, right?

Well, now think of a job that you do just that, that is, giving product and brand tips to people as well as from one friend to another. And with the extra value of receiving commissions for it! Something that is part of our daily routine, almost without thinking it, becomes a way of life. It’s about monetizing an old custom.

The chances of your enterprise growing increase significantly if you add this element of outside promotion to your business plan. People constantly search the Internet for problems that arise, questions that appear or suggestions for different activities. Therefore, through web analytics, it’s possible to know which are the most recent and repeated searches. Then you will be offering an answer to exactly what people need.

What Affiliate Discloses

Just as the job of the mother’s friend changed, so has the role of an affiliate. The number of products and services available for affiliates to promote is vast. We can say that there are no limits on the number of brands or products to offer, unless in the event the affiliate signs an exclusive agreement. Yet, affiliates can advertise lots of brands and products of different types at the same time.

Even if affiliates can advertise the products they want, a good tip is that they consider the possibility of developing in an area they know or like. This makes people much more creative when it comes to planning a promotional strategy for potential customers.

An essential characteristic that affiliates must have is dedication, because their work is very important and can be very positive for the brand disclosed. In addition to promoting the products that the brand has to offer, the work of the affiliate has at least two other consequences relevant to the brand. Let’s see what they are.

How affiliate work affects the brand

The first direct consequence of the affiliate’s work is the increase in traffic from the reported website. When the affiliate recommends a particular brand or product, it then redirects the traffic it receives to the site which it works with. In this way, by increasing traffic, there is more chance of increasing visits, likes, indications and even joining the site and its offerings.

The second consequence depends on the first. If the affiliate site is good, it will help to improve the SEO positioning of the advertised site. It means that it is a self-perpetuating cycle, so success and good strategy helps the other.

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