As you know, one of the main differences of online casinos, compared to traditional ones, is the wide variety of offers, both for those who are already players and for those who intend to register. Thus, all actions taken by gambling and betting sites seek not only to attract new customers, but also to retain current ones.

This way, promotions become the main tool available to our affiliates, who aim to get new players. As we explained recently in another post, bonuses are the biggest draw for our affiliates’ followers. And, in this post, we want to go deeper into this subject, which we consider so important. Stay there to understand all about promo codes.

What is a promocode?

The promocode is properly a code (be it a word, letters, numbers or a combination of these), which fulfills the function of granting some kind of bonus or prize. In other words, this code is previously configured by the casino, to offer something in exchange for its use.

In entertainment and betting sites, promocodes are usually used in deposit operations or registration forms.

What should the player do with the promocode?

The player only needs to use the promocode, insert it in the space requested by the website. At Betmotion, this can happen in two cases. The first is when the player creates his account. In other words, when completing the registration form, the option to place a promocode will appear. The code will be from some welcome promotion, which may offer free money, gift spins or a bonus percentage for the player’s first deposit.

The second case is a promocode for players who already have a Betmotion account. These codes correspond to special promotions on the site, which offer extras on the deposited amount.

How can the affiliate get a promocode?

The affiliate can have a custom promocode and use it to attract new players. Just contact us and make the request. You can even choose what your code will be, it can be your name or another word that identifies your affiliate brand. The advantage of having a personalized promocode is to control and have access to all entries with your code, which will generate the corresponding commissions.

How should the affiliate disclose their code?

As it is a code, the affiliate doesn’t need to use a landing page. Of course, if he wants, he can have a landing with promocode. However, it will be enough for him to share the code in all the ways he has. That is, through your social networks, in broadcast groups, in videos, in the descriptions of your publications. You can create images that have the code highlighted, you can send it by e-mail or put it in your stories.

Do you already have your custom promocode? If not, talk to us!