Do you work with articles, images, posts on social networks but still feel that there is a lack of another tool to boost new registrations? Maybe it’s time to think about making promotional and informative videos to get more potential players. Check these few tips to encourage you to you use it.

How should the videos be?

First of all, your videos don’t need to look professional, and you don’t need to expend a lot of money on it. The essential thing is that they transmit information that your audience values and that you can reach that audience. That is that you are empathetic so that they really see the content and take it seriously.

So, many times, the videos that yield the most are not the most perfect, but those with which the public feels identified, of course, always aiming at your ultimate goal, which is undoubtedly commercial. All of this leads us to think that the videos must be useful and should not create doubts.

What content can I use on videos?

Focus on that information that a new player will need. That is fundamental aspects of Betmotion platform, welcome promotions, games areas and different entertainment options, payment methods, etc.

There are more specific aspects, like betting options, cash withdrawals, among others, that the player will get to know once he visits the site. Its main goal is to provide essential data to decide to register. Also, of course, to highlight sports events, game tips and promotions, among others.

How to create a useful video?

  • Cannot be too extensive.
  • It has to be enlightening.
  • The information must be specific; you cannot hesitate in speaking.
  • Use terms close to the audience, avoiding mixing it with words you don’t usually use.
  • Show images from the site.
  • Be explanatory, as if you were a teacher teaching.
  • Do not talk about many subjects in the same delivery. Better be short and specific.
  • Never assume that the audience already knows some information. Start with the basics and increase the level.

If you’re not already making your videos, try it out. Think of an exciting topic for your followers, write a small draft with the most important to speak, search for images, take information from the site and experiment. The time to adapt and innovate is now!