When we work with online business, we must devote sufficient time and efforts to get to know our protagonists. Do you know who they are and what should you keep in mind about them? The protagonist of any business on the internet is always the consumer. You may be thinking that it is nothing new because after all, the consumer is still the protagonist of any business, even if it is not online. You are right, but in the online world, there are some characteristics you should give some consideration since they determine people’s behaviour on the internet. And trust me, these are not details you can ignore.

Why is it important to know people’s behaviour on the internet?

Knowing people’s behaviour on the internet is more than important. It’s indispensable. We can even say that it’s impossible to develop a business without being aware of the main aspects of these particular consumers. A strategy like this will never work out because it needs to be aligned with the final goal, i.e. the consumer. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve your targets.

To understand the behaviour of online customers is to figure out what you are going to offer them, how to do it, which kind of advertising you will adopt, what type of content is interesting for them, the most common customs and predilections in your activity and how many time they accept to wait for you. In conclusion, if you understand the behaviour of your clients, you will know what you have to do and how.

Understand the behaviour of online consumers

Now that we have learnt more about the relevance of understanding the online client, it’s time to know which aspects are more determinants and which ones will define our business strategies. Let’s go?

Undoubtedly, the main factor that gave form to this relatively new customer profile was the internet itself. With the possibility of buying online, people started to adopt new habits, because life changed. Customers and their routines are not the same, evolving together with technological developments and possibilities.

Four essential characteristics of online consumers

1- They are independent

That is the main difference between online and traditional customers. Online clients don’t need the permanent presence of a salesperson advising, showing products and leading them to conclude their purchases. They are the ones who decide what to buy, when and their favourite payment method.

2- They love doing research

In the old days, the primary information source for the customers was the own brand and the sellers. They provided the requested information, explained about the product and its functioning. Now the client is the one who searches for information, compares options, draws conclusions and looks for data and statistics before confirming their purchases.

3- They are demanding

The third point is the high level of stringency these customers use to have regarding the brands and products. The more they know, the better their researches and the bigger they stringency when choosing an option. The demands are not exclusively towards the products, but they also concern the support you offer, the practicality of the site, payment methods available, delivery period and access to the information the clients need.

You can see part of their demands on their attitudes, especially when they talk about the brand. If their expectations about the service you offer, the support you have and the product you sell have been met, they will probably talk about in on social media. However, be sure, if their experiences were not good in any of these aspects, they will disseminate even more information about what happened. Also, as we live in a world where social media is of great importance, the feedback provided by the customers must be positive. Besides, studies have proved that more than 90% of online clients trust more in the opinion of other customers than in advertising.

4- They like practicality and don’t have time

Online customers, just like traditional clients – or even more than they – don’t have plenty of time. They have many things to do, and they usually are not only buying on the internet. They normally do many things at the same time when they open your website. That is how they search for the product, catching up on work, reading an article on a news portal or chatting with friends on social media. This means the information must be clear, concise and nothing can be confusing.

All these things add up to more and special attention to your offer, because you have to match up to their expectations, offering what they need and in the way they want. Otherwise, it will be a lot easier for them to just close your website and open another one.

Can you see how relevant it is to understand the behaviour of online customers? Not only about the purchase itself, but also regarding the service you offered, the benefits you made available, as well as the simplicity and practicality of the site, which, without a doubt, must come with right and complete information. So, think about it seriously. Make all the necessary changes and improve your strengths. And remember, the better you understand your customers’ profile, the bigger will be your customer base. Do a great job!