For sure, if you have decided to go into the mysterious world of Digital Marketing, you may have already thought of this tittle. Actually there are many and all type of info about the subject, but when it’s time to make the call, thinking about the results and increase your conversion rate, what will you do? Answering this question could seem simple enough, but it is rather not. Let’s find out about a few considerations you must take into account. Traffic or Conversion Rate?

The importance of Traffic

On previous posts, we have wrote about what is traffic, how to generate it organically and also how to purchase it. As you saw, this topic is extremely important because websites and blogs depend directly on the quality of visits and their activity on them. This means that we could have a better sales strategy, or a better product and a brand with a lot of prestige, but if you have no visits to your website, that will all be worthless. On the other hand, we will be wasting money and dedicating useless efforts.

Are you understanding the real meaning behind visits to your website? Imagine it is the same as having a ground-based shop but nobody comes around. What will be your total sales for that day? Probably nothing. With website happens the exact same thing. We must bring people towards our website, who has certain interests and needs in order for us to provide them with a solution.

Traffic or Conversions?

This question could seem very obvious, it actually is. Nevertheless, we focus very much on this because, often, among so much stuff to do and strategies to plan out, we could end up a bit confused.

Traffic interferes directly on the conversion rate, because if there is no traffic there is no sale. Then, it is good to keep in mind that conversion rate is not proportional to traffic. This is where we could be mistaken, thinking that the higher the traffic, the higher the conversion rate. Of course not, when increasing the amount of people visiting your website, you increase the chances of earning more customers. But we cannot cheat ourselves thinking that every person that arrives will become a customer.

This does not mean that it is not important to increase the amount of people visiting your website. It means we must find people that would become true potential customers and always keep in mind that even though, a percentage of them actually becoming customers is much lower.

Final thoughts, what is correct?

The truth is understanding the importance of each one of them is the priority you must have. This is, knowing that both concepts are a must, but do not be mistaken. Sometimes it happens that, even if not having a good conversion rate, we find ourselves looking at the stats and metrics that show us how many people access our website today. Metrics are good to understand where customers come from or, on the other hand, why we are not having new registrations. And from there, work in improving your final result.

In other words, understanding traffic as it is: the mean to earn customers. And, due to this, people that reach your website must find what they are looking for, in order for them to stay. A person arrives to your website because he or she has an interest on what we have to offer. Then, our job, from there, will be to convince the person of the need they have and that we have the solution for it. The first and big effort we must do is to bring people to our website. Once there, we must get them to fill out a contact form in order for them to turn into leads and finally, convince them to make the purchase.

As a start, produce content that will attract that quality audience you need to offer your solution. Let’s see what type of posts could help with that?

4 types of posts to attract traffic

As long as your content is of good quality, it will serve as to achieve your goal. But it is proven that certain formats will be more attractive and effective for readers than others.

1- Lists

Lists, besides being practical and easy to read, help the blog to have more frequency in search engines. And, due to the fact they are practical, they catch the attention of readers, increasing their time at your website and the chances of him/her to make a decision to purchase something from us.

2- Tittles with the format “How to…?”

This tittle format is very good and helps very much with positioning, because all the time people do searches over the internet asking for instructions to do a certain task. How to do this, how to achieve that, etc. Then, writing content answering all of those “how” will be al almost directly answer that people need.

3- Infographic and videos

These formats are very much searched because they are simple and educative. Tutorials, step-by-step and short explanations of how to do certain thing are very appealing and visual.

4- Interviews

Interviews are very useful, because people like very much to know what they do, how they work and how some famous people and influencers got to where they are at that moment. Even more when you realize interviews are very well shared even by the own interviewed.

So, what content formats are you applying? Try these tips out and see how much they could help your business to grow. Now that you know what is more important, traffic or conversion rate, work on the content of your site.

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