Finally, what we have been waiting for is happening: little by little, and under strict security measures, sports are returning to practice. And there could be no better news than that for us, who like sports betting so much and follow the most diverse modalities.

How was the restart?

In principle, few events started to emerge. The first one was the UFC 249, which was a great success, considering the low sports activity at the moment. Even those who didn’t like fights very much enjoyed this news. Without a doubt, it was a very important step for our affiliates.

Another interesting event was a German tennis tournament, which, despite not having the best tennis players in the world as protagonists, was an excellent opportunity in this resumption. It was several days and several tennis players that generated more movement for the affiliates.

The most encouraging news: the return of Bundesliga 

Until, finally, that day came! The Bundesliga announced its return and, with that, returned the emotion, the expectation and an excellent forecast for the future. Many games and all football fans were really excited.

And now what?

Sports activity continues to increase, more leagues and tournaments are about to start again, among them LaLiga, which already has a date set for the first weeks of June. Now we have to look forward, sports life is returning to normal and we are prepared for that.

The future is really exciting, we have good expectations and we are working to receive it in the best possible way. Do the same, get ready, have the necessary materials and, if anything is missing, be sure to ask us. Now, you can go looking for more guests for this party that takes place on our favorite entertainment site, Betmotion!

However, if you still don’t work with us, don’t wait any longer. This is the ideal time to join our team and become a successful affiliate.

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