The most useful tool for affiliates is likely the landing page. But does everyone know its real importance? Are we giving due attention to this? Next, we will understand a little more about this great source of profit.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page that aims to turn a visitor, from a given website, into a lead. That is, in our case, that Betmotion visitors finish registering and become new players on the site. Of course, there will be the conversion process for that player later, but the first step is that he is a registered player. For that, we need a landing page that usually has a promotion and the space indicated for registration.

What should a landing page have?

The landing page must be very specific without excessive information. It would help if you had, as we mentioned in our case, a registration promotion and the particular place for the potential player to register.

Therefore, the information presented must be obvious, concise and easy to understand, as the objective will be to convince people to register. The content of the promotion must contain the essentials, that is, the name, the way to use it and what the person will get in return for their registration.

What kind of vocabulary to use on the landing page?

The vocabulary used on the landing page must be appropriate to the profile of your audience so that it is understood correctly. As you can see for yourself in the landings that we make available to you, they present short phrases that call for action, trying to fulfil the objective as soon as possible. It is important to use action verbs, especially in the imperative way, motivating the person to do what we are proposing.

How and where to place landing pages?

We provide a landing page for each welcome promotion we have. Thus, every affiliate has its link with identification (b-tag) available. This link can be placed wherever the affiliate wishes, as part of a text, a call-to-action (CTA) or an image. By clicking on the link, people will be taken directly to the landing. 

This means that the landing can be used in any content that the affiliate has, in blogs, websites, social networks or video channels. It is always good that the landing is in a prominent place, to be seen by all followers. That way, the chances of clicking on it will be significantly higher.

What happens if I don’t use a landing page?

No affiliate is required to use a landing page. However, as mentioned above, it is the best tool to get new registrations. That is to say, with each landing you use, your chances of gaining registrations increase. It is the most direct step to get people to register, so it simplifies your work a lot, making the possibilities of making the “sale” much better.

Even though you have other options, this is the most effective, have no doubts. Please take advantage of all the materials we offer and become a successful affiliate!