If we ask people what are the main necessary concepts and knowledge for the scope of a business, the majority will give the same examples, such as planning, ethics, strategic vision, marketing, among others. However, there is an essential and imperative aspect in practice, which, despite its relevance, many times is left out. Now tell us, have you ever thought about the influence of the language in the business?

The language is more important than we think. After all, if we think straight, things exist when they can be expressed through the language. This means, the existence of anything, even of what is invented, is possible thanks to what we can say linguistically. In that way, we can become aware of the dimension that language encompasses. So, why would business stay away from this reality?

What is the power of the language?

Language has great power and depending on the point you are willing to go, you need to know how to use it in order to reach the desired result. One of the main functions of the language is its power of persuasion. Of course, there are many ways to convince people as to an idea or even the purchase of a product, as in the case of the affiliates. However, for sure, the most powerful way to persuade people is our language skills.

For you, what is the most effective way to convince someone of something you believe? That’s right, through words. As we have mentioned in another post, everything about the graphics is essential, drawings, animations, colours, etc. Why? Because many times the message is given through images or they may complement the meaning of what is being said. However, not every type of content works with graphics; therefore, there’s nothing like verbal communication. After all, the range of verbal possibilities is broad, so that we cannot let it go. Have you heard someone say that the human being can do anything they want through the language? That’s quite it, but how?

Well, the language allows you to achieve whatever you want since it’s the primary power tool. Only two basic, but indispensable operations are necessary to shape a message. Selection and combination. The effect that one message can cause is in the words you choose and how these words are combined.

Does the art of negotiation exist?

If we think about the negotiation process, we will see that it’s almost a form of art due to its fundamental characteristics and necessary features. In this art, the parties concerned always look for coming to an agreement.

So, does it mean the negotiation is an activity developed only by some people with a specific background and profession? Of course, it doesn’t. Far from what we may think, all people negotiate all the time, either in the business world or in personal life, we need to negotiate. So, in order to do that, we need to comply with some requirements or at least have some abilities. Most of these abilities are related to the language. The major factor of every trade is the language, more than any other ingredient. People usually think the secret is in what we have to offer, in other words, in the proposal itself. However, in most cases, the main relevant aspect of a negotiation is how the project is done. And this is determined by the use of language.

Words are everything. If you know how, which and when to use them, any trade may end up in a favourable agreement for you. So, can we think about negotiation as a true art of the language? Sure, a great part of the closure of an agreement depends on the use of the language.

Then, did you think that business is only a question of marketing, calculations and economic strategies? We’re sorry to say that you were wrong. We also need to dominate the language and the rules of writing and oral speech. How do you manage these aspects? Think well, because your agreements depend on it.

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