Without a doubt, a crucial factor for the affiliates work is the number of followers that they have. The possibilities of selling or convincing will depend directly on how many people follow your work and publications.

Why is the number of followers so significant?

As you know, the affiliate’s work is mostly online. This means that everything he publishes will be seen and even shared by his followers. The number of new registrations is not directly proportional to the number of followers, but it interferes a lot. It is a logical question: the greater the number of people that you transmit news and promotions, the greater the chances of them becoming customers. 

 Another factor that makes it essential to increase the number of followers is that the public needs to be renewing themselves all the time. Precisely because the affiliate needs to captivate people. This means that if you are just with the same followers, there will come a time that you will not be able to surprise them, as they already know the product and the brand. The more recent a follower, the more likely they are to like your novelty. As simple as that, when a follower is not new, he no longer perceives your offer as a novelty.

And the third aspect that we must consider is that, even if the affiliate managed to convince all of his followers, he would need to get new ones, as he would be left with no options for new registrations on Betmotion. So, increasing the number of followers is essential. Any number of new followers is important. It is better for you to gradually increase and maintain constancy than to grow a lot at once and stop.

Do I need to let go of old followers?

No way! Affiliates can never leave their followers behind, even if they have already signed up for Betmotion. Each follower matters; they will always be a way of promoting the affiliate’s work. How? Sharing their experience, talking about your work and helping you get more players.

In other words, both new and old followers are incredibly relevant. Neither is more important than the other. Each person’s priorities and needs are different. The new ones, not yet registered in Betmotion, are looking for operating information, bonuses, welcome promotions, betting explanations and cash withdrawals. The older ones do not need this information as much, but they have to know the news that the site offers. Therefore, you must pay attention to everyone.

Tips to get followers

  • Post daily on social media.
  • Post attractive videos.
  • Invite friends, family and people you know to follow your social networks and video channels, so they will be a bridge for others to get to know your work.
  • Use other means to publish images and promotions, such as WhatsApp.
  • Stay tuned to market trends.
  • Inform yourself to understand the product and thus create relevant content for the audience you want to reach.

Good work!