If you have a blog or website, most likely you are already concerned about traffic because the convertion rate you achieve will depend directly on it. Then, for sure you have already done some research about different techniques to attract people and increase your traffic. You could have come along two ways: To generate organic traffic or purchase traffic? As we said on a previous post, there are many ways to increase organic traffic, but what if we go for purchasing it? Here we will show you what are your main options to purchase traffic and some basic characteristics for it.

Options to purchase traffic

In order to purchase traffic towards a blog, you must use paid tools such as an affiliate program, amongst others. You will have to analyse, according to your needs, which is more suitable for you.

Google AdWords

Amongst the options available for online campaigns, Google’s tool is the most popular. This is due to its’ huge reach, wide format of ads as for example sponsored links, videos and banners, and because it allows a very detailed segmentation. But, there is of course one more reason that most people go for Google AdWords: it’s low-cost.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Just like Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram Ads are great alternatives because their audience is very big, diferente ages, interests and from all around the globe.

Besides the quantity of people that are part of social media, what makes them even more attractive for us to use is the great power of segmentation, because they have much info from their users. This way you would be able to build specific groups of people and dedicate your efforts in different campaigns for each one of them.

Twitter Ads

If we compare Twitter Ads with Facebook and Instagram Ads, we could agree that the first one has some restrictions. The fact that Twitter does not have as many users as the other social media networks makes your audience being considerably less. This, finally, translates into higher costs, but an advantage is that this allows you to segment even more than through Facebook or Instagram. This because of hashtags, directing ads only for those using a certain hashtag.

One characteristic that you should keep in mind is that Twitter users like objectivity, so this will have to be applied on the segmentation.

LinkedIn Ads

LindekIn Ads is much different from other tools we have seen so far and it is very expensive. But this could be explained due to the type of segmentation that you could reach with this one, because you can limit by geography, positions, functions, etc. Keep in mind that it is ideal to reach companies and professionals from different areas. This is why you use Sponsored Contents, Text Ads and Sponsored e-Mail.

Bing e Yahoo Ads

Bing and Yahoo are search engines, just like Google, but they have much less prefference when using them, this is why they reach less audience than Google. Even so, there are people that choose these tools to guarantee themselves the best reach possible, achieving more visibility. Due to the fact they are not the main search engines out there, they have the advantage of being very inexpensive. Besides, due to Bing being a Microsoft tool and associated to Yahoo, every advertising made there will also feature on Yahoo.

Affiliate Network

Affiliate networks are an interesting way to get traffic. They advertise your brand through thousands of associated websites, whether it is through blogs, newsletters or social media. The advantage behind using an affiliate network for advertising is that the brand will only have to create the marketing material and send it over to the affiliates in order for them to do the hardwork in terms of promotion and sales. Finally, this translates into traffic towards your website or blog.

Some considerations about this topic:

1- You could be thinking about the use of so many alternative tools, already having Facebook as such a powerful communication platform. Let’s get this out of the way. One of the disadvantages Facebook has is that it heavily limits the topics you could talk about in your advertising. There are some “banned groups” for Facebook, such as alcoholic beverages, tobacco-related products, weapons, products for adults, betting for money, amongst others. This turned into the invention of new ways to advertise products that could not be sold through Facebook before.

2- Your job is not done just after developing the proper strategies to purchase traffic and to make the required investment for it. It is a must to do proper reporting on the evolutions of these processes. As you implement actions and strategies, you must follow their results. Use Google Analytics, or any other tool that allows you to keep track of your progress and the traffic you purchased. This is extremely important in order to know if those people turn into leads and later on, into clients.

On this post, we have seen some main aspects to understand how purchasing traffic works, in case we want to go for this option. There is much more to learn of course, but this will give you the general idea of how it works. Depending on your enterprise, you could dedicate your efforts on one or other investments to generate organic traffic, through SEO, or to invest in purchasing traffic.

Work on spreading the word about your product and achieve good positioning for your website, besides an interesting quantity of visits that will allow you to potentially have a good customer list. Now that you know how to purchase traffic to your blog, work on that!

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