In the previous post, we talked about the chances of an affiliate becoming an educator. How this is a process and what the advantages of teaching are, in the broadest sense of the terminology. Today, we like to continue this line of ideas, and we invite you to learn with us about online courses. Have you done any course for your followers? If you think that is not an affiliate job, keep reading.

Why take online courses?

This is a question that answers itself with each passing day. Some years ago, was not too common to take courses via the Internet. However, technological developments and different customs and circumstances have led people to choose online modality. And this is, of course, an excellent economic opportunity for those dedicated to areas like ours.

You must understand that more than an “extra job” or “an extra activity”, the creation of online courses has become part of the daily tasks of an affiliate. It is because it also needs to adapt to changes in the world. So, why not take advantage of this new educational trend and turn it into a way to make money? 

It is, in fact, a necessity to survive in the market. The affiliate must reinvent himself all the time, following the alternatives that appear. Also, because other techniques and methods are getting old and, perhaps, even cease to be efficient.

How should an online course be?

As we talked about the classes in the previous post, it is worth remembering that nobody is thinking about a formal course, developed with protocols and significant investments. But of simple and explicit videos, which can be accompanied by written supportive content, which is useful and exciting for your followers. It doesn’t have to be long videos or great manuals, but dynamic and very instructive materials.

What kind of courses are we talking about?

There is no single possible theme. Think of all the aspects that your followers, passionate about the entertainment world, may find interesting. Bets, characteristics of Betmotion, advantages of one house over another, game rules, etc. These are just a few examples. The important thing is that the theme is really striking so that everyone wants to take the course.

How to offer the course?

You must offer the course in exchange for something. You shouldn’t just make the course open to everyone. It should be something more exclusive, that you deliver in a personalized way and that is in response to some action by the followers. That is, that it comes as a prize, for example, after they have registered. Or as a gift for following him on social media.

This makes that the public feel a certain commitment to you and our brand. And it is much more likely that they represent a gain to you. Otherwise, it may be that he simply uses the material, without registering, and therefore means a value in his commissions. This is the biggest tip, never offer courses completely “free”, but trying to get positive action for you by the follower.

What do you think about it? It is time to reinvent yourself! Think about the content of our previous posts and see how you can do to be a successful affiliate.