Much more than selling and promoting a product, marketing is probably one area with the most modalities, techniques and tools. In many posts on this blog, we have already seen that there are the most varied ways of doing marketing. Today, we are going to focus on one of them: buzz marketing.

What is buzz marketing?

To understand what buzz marketing is, we have to start from the beginning. The term “buzz” is primarily a reference to the buzz of bees. That’s right. That word, meaning noise, buzz, rumour, comments, is the key to understanding this marketing type.

This strategy aims to captivate people, to capture their attention, precisely through this noise. Simultaneously, these attention-grabbing rumours will continue to spread, and more people will be captivated by them. The idea behind these comments is that they are shared, and, thus, more and more people are talking about the subject. In everyday life, we call “being in the mouth of the people”. It is to create stimulus from some information or comment, to make that comment a real highlighted subject.

Is it right to do buzz marketing?

Making buzz marketing is a good tactic, but you need to be careful about the theme. It has to be true and, also, that is positive, to give profitability to the brand. The comment has to fulfil the objective of making people speak well of the brand and become customers if they are not yet.

This technique emerged and grew along with social networks. We all know that social networks are the right place for those who like gossip and to learn about each curious novelty. And the brands started to understand this sense, taking the opportunity to promote products, new partnerships, changes of look, etc.

How to do buzz marketing in the affiliation?

As an affiliate of Betmotion, you can also take advantage of this tool to get new players and increase your earnings.

As you know, Betmotion always has exciting and new things to share. Have you ever thought, for example, of sending short messages on social networks or broadcast groups inviting people to try new games?

You can also go viral with any new promotion that you find very attractive or for some sporting event of great interest to your followers. It’s just a matter of sitting down to plan, keeping an eye out for new acquisitions, and getting the comment go.

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Do you realize how this can be the subject of your buzz marketing? Play this news on your social networks and become a successful affiliate!