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Differences between multiple and combined bets

In principle, multiple and combined bets may be the same. The explanation for this is that both are formed by more than one event, which separates them from simple bets. However, their functioning is quite different. See with us what are the main differences between a multiple bet and a combined bet.

Multiple bet

The multiple bet consists of two or more events. For you to win a multiple bet, it is essential to set all bet selections correctly. That is if you put three events in the accumulated, then, you must correctly guess the three. Otherwise, your bet will not be a winner.

In a multiple bet, the odds are multiplied, allowing you to maximize your winnings.

Combined bet

A combined bet or also called a system bet is also made up of two or more events. But, in it, different combinations are made with the selected matches. That is all possible combinations with all the selections chosen.

An important point of this modality is that, for you to win, you do not need to correctly guess all events. That is, you can get some combinations right and others not, and even then, you will get gains. That is, the winnings corresponding to the correct combinations.

Important: in combined, the final winnings may be less than the total bet. This happens, for example, if it is combined with many events and you hit only one of them.


To summarize, multiple bets are those that you select two or more events and, to win, you need to hit all of them, in addition to your odds being multiplied. In combined bets, you select two or more events, where different combinations will be made with the selected matches, and to win, you don’t have to hit all the options, but your winnings can also be smaller.


Whenever you place a bet on Betmotion, whether multiple or combined, you will have the corresponding coupon with all the information available, as in the examples above. Just access your betting history and check it out.