Surely, you must have heard everywhere that the most important thing is creating content, right? It is essential. However, over time and with the evolution of the business, this has taken on other dimensions. It is not enough to create content; today, it is also necessary to know how to reuse. But how so?

What is the limit on content creation?

Before you start to understand how is done the reuse of content, you need to think about what motivates you. Somehow, there is a specific limit to creating content. You will realize that it is time to stop. At first, it may seem simple to dedicate yourself to generating content. You will quickly begin to feel that subjects are limited, that it is not “talk the talk”. Just now, you will finish understanding the complexity of this task.

The public is limited, interests are limited, and the subjects are limited. Consequently, content production will also be limited. At some point, you will feel that you have nothing more to write, nor to speak, nor tips to give, or anything! So, when you reach that point, or even before reaching it, you have to start this other task: the reuse of content.

What is reusing content?

But you may be wondering what it is to reuse content and how to do it. It may seem obvious, but the first step is to produce much content. Then you will use that content to create new ones; for example, an article will serve as the basis for making a video later on.

So, the process would be more or less the same as when we reuse a package. For example, when a product runs out, we use its packaging to place another product. Or we even create a new container with it. When content has been on the air for a while or is already relevant, you take advantage of this resource and produce a new format with it.

Why reuse content?

Every day it becomes essential to reuse content. As mentioned above, one of the main reasons for this is that the issues to be dealt with are very restricted, since you are targeting a specific audience with specific needs and interests. In cases like ours, aiming at people who bet on online casinos, it will be useless to post about indoor plants.

There is still one more determining issue. The competition increases every day, and everyone understands the importance of generating much content to position on Google. This leads to a massive number of sites talking about the same topic. That is why it is challenging to fight for a good position.

How to reuse content?

There are many ways to reuse content already published, without risking being interpreted as duplication by Google. You have to start from a base content to generate a new one, making changes and changing the format. So, you can start with a text, create an infographic, then make a video, draw images for social networks with some sentence taken from the original version and, finally, you can write up a new text. Of course, giving a new focus and publishing the post as a new entry.

These steps are just examples of what you can do to get the most out of that first post. That way, you will have optimized the original text to the maximum.

Reuse your content! Good work!