Do after-sales and affiliation have any familiar points? What is the role of the affiliate in the after-sales period, if he has anything to do with it? Well, many questions arise, mainly, because we don’t usually think that the affiliate has any function after completing the sales process. But shall we think about it together? In this way, we will be able to understand how far, or can reach, the importance of the affiliate’s work.

What is after-sales?

When we talk about after-sales, we are referring to that part of the same sales process that fulfils the essential job of knowing what the result was for the customer. This means that it seeks to know the customer’s opinion, after having purchased the product (if it is a physical product) or having tried what it has purchased. In our case, when it comes to an entertainment website, we have to think about the user experience, regarding the service.

It means that the goal is to know what the customer thought of the purchase made. This is relevant, because, from the information collected, we can understand what things we need to improve, what things are correct and if there is any expectation from the customer that we have not yet managed to achieve.

What does the affiliate have to do with after-sales?

If we think only of the fact that the affiliate seeks to reach the customer and sell him the entertainment, we can conclude that he has nothing to do with the after-sales. We could even say that this is the exclusive responsibility of the brand. And we would not be wrong, as it is no longer part of the acquisition, which is what really belongs to the affiliate.

However, if we want to go further in the business, aiming at growth and permanent evolution, we will see that the affiliate may have to do with after-sales. Moreover, the affiliate also needs to know what the customer finally thought of the brand to have information that will help him in the next sales.

Any opinion that the customer gives will be useful to understand what needs to be improved, what aspects were not considered at the time of sale, what information was missing, etc. But after-sales will also be a source to confirm what is done correctly and, therefore, must continue to be done.

Is it better to focus on after-sales or gain new customers?

Both are necessary. But getting new customers can be a lot more complicated than worrying about those you’ve already won. So, it is essential that you are attentive to current customers while looking for new ones.

There is no doubt that the primary goal of affiliates is the acquisition of new customers. Still, they cannot give up after-sales, mainly because of the excellent relationship with current customers will be another tool for dissemination. They, indirectly, will help you to acquire new users. A satisfied and compliant customer with the brand and its representatives (that is, you as an affiliate) will be a reputable source. And believe me, over time, this ends up being another means of selling. They, almost without thinking, divulge their work, their importance in selling and the value they found in their contact.

Have a good job!