Nowadays, it is quite common for people to go in search of a second professional option. Sometimes, in parallel to his first career, and others, as an alternative to leaving the older one. Have you gone through this stage or are you thinking about innovating in your routine? So, follow this post with us.

How was the evolution from one to several professions?

In the past, it was unthinkable for a person to have more than one profession or dedicate himself to two completely different things. And changing professions, after years in it, was unimaginable. But people are not the same, the lifestyle has changed, the needs and tastes too. Of course, the professional side was not left out of the changes and was following this whole process.

At another time, people were looking for a steady job (for life, maybe) and those who studied did not even think about leaving this academic education to acquire another one. And that had several explanations, of all kinds, social, economic and cultural.

One of the causes is that, before, it was more difficult to graduate and reach a high educational level. Those who reached that level did not even consider leaving what they had achieved, because it was so difficult. Besides, the academic education options were much smaller than we have now, which further reduced the intention to jump from one career to another.

Also, the lifestyle was totally different, the jobs were designed to last a long time, companies were not in the habit of hiring staff all the time, and in this way, mobility at work was almost nil.

And more factors explain this professional evolution, many of them we will not even understand well. However, it is clear that the pace of the world, in general, has changed and, with it, the jobs and customs of workers. Today, the jobs are not as long as they used to be. There was a time when it was normal for someone to be in the same place for 30 years, fulfilling the same function. That’s because, in the first place, employers did not change employees so often, and, secondly, the employees themselves did not like going back and forth. In general, the majority sought to remain in a safe place.

Observing this reality, we see that today none of us are “programmed” to function in this way. Everything happens more quickly, people have greater reach to varied backgrounds, the offer of studies has diversified and we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, adapted to changes.

So, does affiliation appear as a second career?

In this way, innovations of all kinds appeared, one of them, affiliation. Without a doubt, it is excellent for those who want to change not only their profession but also their lifestyle. And the change is greater when the person has spent years working traditionally. Now, instead of working in a formal office, it is possible to stay at home. Of sticking to a fixed schedule, to choose when and how much to work. Of having to respect certain work modalities defined by a supervisor, to be our own boss.

What can a person who has gone through a classic job and wants to change his life, try new styles and even think about a second professional career, ask for more? To be an affiliate, there is no requirement of age, previous experience or personal tastes and interests. There are thousands of products and many ways, techniques and promotional strategies to use. If you are thinking about expanding your training and acquiring a second profession, think about our offer. You will not regret it!