For a few weeks now, we have been going through a very unusual time when it comes to sports. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, many areas of activity are being affected, including everything that is a sport. But what can sports betting affiliates do? Check out with us some conclusions about this and possible solutions or postures that may be useful.

Why does cancelling sporting events affect our affiliates?

As we all know, the ​​sports betting area is undoubtedly one of the strongest today. There are many sports, many leagues and tournaments (local, national, regional and worldwide) and thousands of events taking place. That means an excellent opportunity for our affiliates to reach new customers, and also to be able to retain those who are already part of the house.

It is not necessary to reflect a lot to realize that lacking these events reduce the chances of affiliates in generating new registrations. This is because the biggest acquisition tool is suspended, and affiliates are left without many options to advertise.

But do they really run out of options?

Let’s think about it…

Sports indeed move a large part of our affiliates. However, it is good to remember that there are always other options, other entertainment and different tastes. The important thing is never to be without an entertainment alternative. And of course, Betmotion has it. We understand that perhaps not all areas of play are of interest to you. But let’s think about it, the main objective is to have fun. The chances of having fun have not disappeared, only the sports area is momentarily paused. This will return to normal. For now, here’s the tip: don’t give up on Casino, Slots or Bingo.

Visit the different areas of Betmotion, see what you have, try games, get informed and be smart! Make the most of every game you have. Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Slots, Bingo, Video Bingo and even Mini Slots are part of our great package of possibilities.

Games for all types of people, there are no preferences or interests that are not represented. Colours, sounds, high-quality design, animations, live casino games, virtual sports, eSports and we even have original Big Brother Brazil tracking options. All this with the advantageous promotions that Betmotion usually has. So, we encourage you not to lose faith and go for in search of new registers?