Do you know Telegram? What do you know about it and its advantages to your business? This tool it’s being used more and more every day, as it offers excellent benefits for business, compared to other more traditional alternatives.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is an instant messaging app and has become the biggest competitor of WhatsApp, precisely because of this, it represents a significant threat. It is worth clarifying that this threat is not so real for personal communication, but use in business. The main feature of Telegram is that it allows you to send files of different types and sizes.

What are the most significant advantages of this app?

1- It allows the creation of outreach groups of up to 200 thousand people.

2- It offers the possibility of sending files of the most varied formats, such as mp3, zip, rar, doc and links, in addition to the classic text, image and audio messages.

3- It has a capacity for sending files much more extensive than any other app, reaching up to 1.5GB, within the transmission groups.

4- It gives the options to edit and delete messages, after being sent in groups.

5- Users can access it from any platform, as it is a cloud.

6- Being a cloud, it offers simple, fast and secure accessibility, since all conversations, as well as files, synchronize automatically.

7- Hashtags and mentions can be used, thus simplifying communication.

8- In addition to the groups, in Telegram, we can create channels for dissemination. These allow an unlimited number of participants, which can be public or private. While publics can be accessed by anyone who wants to sign up, private ones need an access link.

9- Important messages, or that need to be answered with more dedication, can be marked as unread.

10- Group members can also open secret chats between them for more personal communication.

Seeing all these vast advantages, you can say that Telegram is much more than a simple application for sending messages. Even though it was not the main objective, it ended up becoming an excellent Marketing and acquisition tool.

Will you still be left out of this incredible tool to save time and increase your profits? Don’t hesitate, find out, try Telegram and take full advantage of it.