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Why to choose an affiliate niche?

Before starting to make anything to see your business go well or put on some strategies, there’s something a little bit important than that, and this is defining what will be the kind of business that you will put on your energy and effort and which will be your audience. This is when you have to dedicate time and planning to take the right decision. Because it will not be any product that you can offer to any group of people, and that will define the success of your business. This means that these two factors will have to be chosen together. So let’s learn a little more about affiliate niche!

What is a market niche?

A market niche is a specific segment of the audience that has particular characteristics, tastes and interests in common to which you can offer your product. Once determined, it will be to that niche that you will devote all your selling efforts, so the importance of you seriously thinking about it, as there is no possibility that you offer a product that fits the needs of all people.

How to delimit a market niche?

So, as we said, a niche cannot be chosen in a rush and without dedication and previous analysis. This is essential in any business. Even before to bring the business to life, you need to delimit the niche.

Starting from the assumption that you don’t have clear what you’re going to do, the first thing to define is what you’re going to sell and which will be your specific area. 

But knowing what you are going to disclose, such as being a PartnersOnly affiliate, clearly, this first step is unnecessary, because you have defined before that you will be dedicated to the promotion of online entertainment products.

So let’s name a few essential steps to get you started on this adventure in the entertainment world.

Step 1- Decide which area you’re going to promote

As you know, in PartnersOnly we work with all the entertainment areas of Betmotion. And you can promote them all, but we strongly recommend full dedication in one area only, because this may be more convenient for your business. First, it is more productive to take the time to specialize in something specific, rather than trying to cover it all, without being able to delve into anything. Secondly, dedicating yourself to one thing only makes choosing the niche much more straightforward, because despite the differences you will inevitably always have, there will be many more standard features. So niche people will like the same things more or less. If you promote different areas, you have to think about trying to put different player profiles within the same niche. This, of course, will be a hard time working.

Betmotion’s areas of play are sportsbook, casino, slots, bingo and video bingo. As you can see, they are very different, so it will help a lot to work with just one. This way, the contextualization of your channel, blog or social network will be simpler, and you will have more assurance towards the public. This means that the main niche you already have from the beginning is that you know your area will be online entertainment. Then you have to choose an industry within that niche (as if it were a sub-niche).

Step 2- Study your competition in that niche

Once you have defined the playing area of interest, start studying, but studying what? All of it! Check out websites, channels, blogs, social networks and competitor information, that is, from other affiliates that advertise the same as you thought of disclosing. This gives you an up-to-date, broad overview of what people are looking for, what affiliates offer them, and how. On that basis, you can offer no less than this, but an enlarged and improved version of what you already have on the market.

Step 3- Check what content you need to have and make a list

Keeping in mind the niche you choose, start thinking about the content it requires. See what members of this group are looking for, think about what might be helpful to them, and make a list of the information they need to purchase what you are proposing.

Why should you NOT work without first define the niche?

As you see, there are many reasons for you to define your niche in advance and therefore not to work without it. Starting a venture without a niche is like walking without knowing where to go. Want to see what happens when you don’t correctly determine your niche?

  • You lose time, effort, and economic resources, as your disclosure will not reach whom it should reach, nor how it has to.
  • The competition becomes huge because the less defined you have the profile, the more types that will come into the package of potential customers.
  • Profit takes much longer to arrive, precisely because the supply is not adequate.

So, have you thought about all this information to decide on which playing area you want to focus? Don’t hesitate, PartnersOnly is waiting for you! REGISTER NOW!