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Why customer satisfaction survey is so important for your business?

What are you doing to find out if your affiliate business is working and if people feel identified with the brand you are advertising? There is a reasonably old methodology, but not less important or less efficient, which can also be useful in the field of affiliation. Check it out now why you should do satisfaction research and the importance of this tool for your business to continue growing. Why customer satisfaction survey is so important for your business?

What is a satisfaction survey?

The satisfaction survey is a traditional method of knowing the opinions of customers and users of a particular product, service or brand. It’s a way to get closer to your target audience, to know what they think of your work. It is true that you often get customers’ opinions and perceptions about what are you offering in other ways. For example, looking at their attitudes and picking up suggestions or tips, sometimes indirectly. However, this, no matter how important it seems, should not replace a satisfaction survey.

However, what is it that measures this type of research? If we think of the literal term of “satisfaction”, we can say that it is a way of measuring the degree of happiness and conformity that a customer has related to a particular product or service. This is how this methodology becomes, also, a way of evaluating the product itself, since it can present some problem or inadequacy that, until the application of the research, hasn’t been perceived.

What is a satisfaction survey for?

As we explained previously, the satisfaction survey is of great importance for any person, brand or site that wants to improve what it offers definitively. Yes, in a nutshell, the real utility is this: improving what you already have. However, how? Let’s see!

First, these searches are used to identify what isn’t working in your business. Whether it is a flaw in the creation process, an inadequacy in the result, or an incorrect feature in customer service, whatever isn’t right in the eyes of the consumers will appear in the survey.

Another reason that makes these searches essential is that you can retain customers with them because you’ll be understanding what is missing so that consumers will feel satisfaction about the product. However, retention also happens because research is a way to demonstrate to people that you are interested in knowing what they think and shows that they are your real focus.

Much related to the previous point is the importance of improving the client-company relationship, shortening the distance that, not infrequently, seems to be too big. It’s crucial that you take care of this aspect because if you don’t consider it, it can generate distancing with the client that leads to lack of confidence, insecurity and even doubts about the seriousness of the business. Always keep in mind that your clients are real people so you cannot treat them as if they are 100% rational and don’t care about human and emotional issues.

Just as you can use a satisfaction survey as a way to get to know what consumers don’t think is right, you can also see what product characteristics they value most or what suggestions and new demands can come out of a simple comment, such as the mention of some need that you haven’t realized yet.

Do you perceive how all these aspects can be translated into opportunities? Think about it. If we talk about adjusting something that is not correct, we talk about the opportunity to improve. If we think about retaining current clients, we’re referring to the opportunity to strengthen ties. No matter what happens, the results of a satisfaction survey are beneficial and applicable. So that has to be, necessarily, in the strategies of the brand. This, in turn, also represents responsibility for you, since it is useless to apply such research, get the reports with what should be done, and then not do it.

Satisfaction survey and affiliate

You may be thinking that a satisfaction survey doesn’t apply to the work of affiliates, but to the brands they represent. However, this isn’t entirely true, because the researches are very useful to those who perform this function. Check it out:

Even if the affiliate publicises brands and products that aren’t his own, he has to know whether the public with whom he works is the one that is indicated, whether he’s using selling techniques that work or if people feel that something he says or does not sell represents them. It may happen that you, as an affiliate, are taking advantage of specific channels of communication, but haven’t tried others. With a satisfaction survey, the affiliate may see details like that.

Even if the customer’s opinion is about the product itself, it is also necessary information for the affiliate because he can convey the message to the brand for the benefit of both.

Also, have you ever tried to do some satisfaction survey on your followers and players? Think about it and plan in detail a list of questions to ask for their opinion. Conclude with all the information gained and follow a strategy to improve your work further. So remember that there’s nothing more important than knowing what the customer thinks and seeing what you can do to make him truly satisfied!