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Why advertising on Twitter

Twitter is yet one more tool available that could be used as a way of doing Digital Marketing. As far as the affiliate universe is concerned, it is possible to take big advantage of this social media. Many times, when thinking about social media, we do not relate it straight away to a commercial and professional use. Even more so, if we would have to mention a social media for communication, we will most likely say Facebook out the top of our heads. Which is true, but Twitter has also good possibilities in offer and it is worth knowing them.

Why advertising on Twitter?

Advertising on Twitter is a good strategy, since it is a differentiated social media, it has high engagement with its audience, then information over Twitter ends up going viral rather quickly. People may think Twitter has many restrictions that could go against you, to either share ideas or sell products, such as the short extension of the tweets. But even that could be used smartly, coming up with really persuasive phrases that will captivate your audience.

There is nothing better than statistics to show the strength Twitter has, therefore, the reasons that make it yet one more alternative when it comes to selling. As per collected data, only in Brazil there are almost 18 million users; and around 500 million tweets per day in the entire world.

Now that you know this info, it is safe to say Twitter could be a good solution to increase traffic towards your blog or website, conquering new followers and generating with them good, stronger and trusty relationships.

Is it expensive to advertise on Twitter?

There is pretty much the same phenomenon with Twitter than with any other social media. Cost is not really high, but the total value of your investment will depend heavily on what you want to do so. This depends on the perks and fancy packs you would have available on your marketing strategy. There are people that start off with a low investment, in order to increase it shortly after, and there are people that make a big investment all the way from the beginning.

It is important that you keep in mind your target for Twitter campaigns, it could be to generate more leads, conquer more followers or directly to convert more. This will also determine the cost of your investment. Here is a tip: Always focus on the Customer Acquisition Cost. This way, you will have an idea of how much money you could use for it, based on the resulting data.

Types of advertisement on Twitter

There are different ways to advertise over Twitter, but there are basically three main ones. Firstable, you will have to choose what type of advertisement you are planning on doing.

1- Promoted Tweet: as the name itself tell us, the first method of advertisement on this social media is through promoted tweets. This means to push the posts from the company’s official website, in order to reach a higher number of people, even if they are not followers just yet. It is useful because these tweets, being promoted, stay mixed in a better way with tweets from regular people. This increases your engagement potential as they could be answered, retweeted or set as favourites, as if it were any other regular post.

2- Promoted accounts: the objective of this type of advertisement is to communicate and suggest the profile of the brand’s official account, to those who are not yet followers. But whom, of course, are part of the list of potential customers for your product. Because it is not our interest to reach people that may not be potential customers of ours. The target for promoted accounts is to increase the brand recognition within the market.

3- Promoted Topics: promoting certain topics came after the promotion of tweets, becoming an extension of this method. But it also became a way for separate advertising, located on the left side of the user, with a list of hashtags, highlighting there whatever is being “promoted”.

Types of campaigns

Depending on the action that will motivate your activity over Twitter and the given objective, there are different types of campaigns. Let’s see which ones are the most convenient types to develop Digital Marketing campaigns.

1- Click Campaigns: the main objective of this campaign is to increase traffic, generating conversions to your website, which is all about directing tweets to a previously chosen audience. Traffic will be generated, as you will be communicating content from your website on the tweets, letting people to click on them and be directed to a certain window within your website.

You will be charged to every click made on your website through this campaign, and all prints, answers and retweets will be free of charge.

2- Followers campaign: without a doubt, this campaign aims at bringing more audience, promoting your account. Not only bringing potential customers, but also followers whom, when visualizing your content, they will be indirectly helping widening the communication, this way, more people will be attracted to it. You will be charged an amount for each new follower you gain through this campaign.

3- Commitment campaign with tweets: this is ideal to improve the reach for your content, reaching relevant audience. You have the advantage of it being cheaper than other types of campaigns due to the fact that you will only be charged for the promoted tweets.

4- Lead Campaign: what you want with this is to get new contacts emails, making people that are interested to give you their email address. Depending on how good your twitter announcements are, this campaign could or could not be the best for you, due to its high price.

What cannot be advertised through Twitter?

Every social media has its own terms and conditions as far as what content can be communicated through them. Even before you create your first advertisement, we recommend you to inform yourself on the topic, to prevent a possible account blocking. There is strongly prohibited to:

• Advertise illegal services or products;
• Offer products that are considered dangerous;
• Use misleading advertisement;
• Motivate audience to share their personal information; and
• Incentive spam posts.

What do you think of using Twitter as a Digital Marketing tool, for your affiliate communication strategy? Start communicating through it and look at the results.

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