Suppose you are a beginner in sports bets or are already part of Betmotion but usually play in other areas and want to adventure yourself into the sports universe. In that case, you must know some basic information and aspects. As with any other activity, it is best to start with as much information as possible. We know there is a lot to learn about betting, but we feel that you should consider some small (but important) details in advance.

Understand the bets as a whole

A usual mistake for beginners is to think that betting is just it, that is, accessing the Betmotion account, choosing an event, and putting money into it. However, it is necessary to make a pre-analyses of the match, pay attention to all the details that can affect the course of the game, and make a well-founded bet.

Understand that there are different types of bets

When placing your bet, you’ll see that there are many market options. Look at each one, and if there are any that you don’t know, search for explanations for help. Only after that choose the market you prefer. 

Carefully manage your bankroll

Even if you have a good amount of money in your bankroll, you must learn to manage the amount available. You have to think of each bet as if it were an investment. What we mean by this is that you have to decide how much to risk, make counts about your earning potential, and how much you could lose if your bet doesn’t win.

Have in mind that odds can vary

Each sporting event has odds, that is, a corresponding quotation, which will determine the possible winnings you can make with your bet. The total amount of winnings depends on the quote and the money you put in it.

Those quotes can vary depending on the timing. For example, placing a bet the day before a game is not the same as placing a bet two hours before, as team changes may occur, some players may not be available at warm-up, etc. All of that can make the odds of a winning bet change. So as the odds will change too.