There are many marketing tools and techniques that affiliates can use to promote Betmotion. However, among so many options, it is possible that you have missed the TikTok. Find out with us how to take advantage of this social network that attracts thousands of people around the world and plan a new way to reach your audience of interest.

Why incorporate TikTok into your marketing strategy?

It’s true that there are several alternatives to promote short videos and influence your followers. So what’s the advantage of adding one more? The answer to this comes directly from the results shown by various surveys done. As we already know, there is a group of people who are very fond of this type of social media and there is an interesting market target to be explored.

You don’t need to advertise on large TikTok profiles. The ideal is for you to have your own social network account, create content and make your own videos. Add people to your network, start exposing your work and your promotional product, making your potential customers know you.

What is the advantage of TikTok?

Nowadays, having social networks is the best strategy for those who want to leverage their business. The importance is even greater if we consider that our product is online. No place can be better for getting new players online than social media. 

How to use TikTok to promote Betmotion?

In the case of online betting, TikTok can be a good way to reach people. You can, for example, make appearances by counting guesses or presenting Betmotion Sports odds options. Motivate your followers to take their guess as well, show available markets and remember which games are most important, for example, for the weekend. It’s a way to keep your social network moving and to generate dialogue with the public.

How many social networks does the affiliate need to have?

We don’t mean to say that you should have every social network that exists, as it would be impossible to keep them up to date and working properly. The best thing is that you analyze who your audience is, where they are found most and what kind of content (and in what formats) is interesting.

After that, define the social networks that are most useful and start working on them. In principle, it is not necessary that you have many communication channels. You can start with one and, over time and depending on the volume and type of traffic, add new ones. For example, when you’ve reached a good level on Facebook, you can start building a space on Instagram or TikTok, and so on, and in whatever order is most convenient for you.