The affiliate world, as many others, has its own intricacies and concepts. Having a complete understanding is of the utmost importance, especially when deciding to join a program. But beyond knowing general definitions, many questions may arise when it comes to an affiliate program. That is why we have decided to explain some very important functions of PartnersOnly, our program.

How does the registration process work?

To begin with, you have to register on the site. This process is very simple, so do not worry about it. You just have to click on the corresponding option, which is clearly identified on the site. Then a form will be opened and you have to complete it with your personal information.

After completing the requested information, your registration will be finished and you will be our newest partner.

How affiliates are identified?

After registering, our system will immediately generate an account number, which is known as a b-tag. It is important to mention that this number is unique, so every affiliate has their own number to differentiate from each other in our system and for specific promotions. This means that all the new players will be identified and linked to the affiliate’s account.

What are the restrictions on branding?

As an affiliate, you can market our products using different means of communication, i.e. blog articles, YouTube videos, banners and publicity pieces. It is also important to have a strong presence on the most powerful social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If the affiliates choose to, they can also use alternative social media or whatever relevant means to promote the brand.

It is important to check with our executives about the market we are focused on, in order to know specifically who are the people receiving our promotions. Another reason for doing so is because we can learn relevant information about legal restrictions and regulations of each country.

How does commission work?

Commission is the earnings generated by affiliates, as a reward for their work on promotions and acquisition.

In order to understand how commission is calculated and how the payment will be done, it is important to learn some essential concepts. At the start, you may think there are too many concepts and several of them may be new. To understand the different types of commission with more precision and clarity, we have made a glossary with the main terms and concepts you will come across in our system.

On PartnersOnly we have two kinds of commission, which are most commonly used in affiliation programs, called Revenue Share and CPA. Revenue Share is a type of commission that exists around sharing earnings. In this case, between the affiliate and the brand. The other type of commission is CPA, also known as Cost per Action, and it is a payment performed (as agreed) by certain conversion actions that are defined by the brand, as registers and sales.

How can I withdraw my commision earnings?

PartnersOnly has a very simple and practical method, so that each affiliate receives their commission in good time and legitimately. It is very easy, you just have to create a player’s account on Betmotion and receive money through it.

In a Betmotion player account, you just have to choose the payment option you prefer according to your country and then request a withdrawal, so that the money is made available.

Being an affiliate of PartnersOnly is easy, practical and safe. Do you have more questions about our work? Do not hesitate to contact us. What are you waiting for?