How are you investing your time? Are you taking advantage of the confinement hours to think about new promotion strategies? One point that we should all pay attention to right now is education. The variety of online courses and digital tools available is huge.

Why continue to specialize?

More than an option, continuing to specialize is an obligation for those who intend to remain in the current job market, and even more so, for those who intend to survive in the future market. This means that specialization is essential for the business to remain alive. If we consider the speed of the changes and the degree of them, we will see that every day, we need to learn something new and think about how to keep improving.

Any type of course will do?

There are currently thousands of courses to be taken. We are entirely in agreement with that phrase so well known that it says that knowledge does not occupy space. However, we also have to be aware that, because the variety available is so great, we have to choose those that are most useful directly for our professional area. Although every study serves for the general formation of the individual and helps with the level of reasoning. When thinking about courses to improve the profession, the most recommended is to consider those that can be put into practice quickly.

Which areas to focus on?

As we mentioned earlier, you have to think about the areas that are most useful for your job. What tools do you normally use? Which ones are missing? What new strategies are on the market? What updates are needed for such an activity? Questions like these can guide you in looking for education. 

Considering the work of the affiliate, everything related to marketing will be useful, after all, it is your main function. Some interesting course options would be digital marketing, video production, content marketing, image banks, email marketing tools, working with infographics, etc.


  • Think about which areas of marketing you want to focus on.
  • Analyze which points of your work are weak and should be improved.
  • Focus on your audience, their interests and needs.
  • Look for as much information as you can about affiliate marketing and compare it to your knowledge to see what you may be missing.
  • Do a Google search for courses, lectures, tools and more. There are many digital options, including several free alternatives. Make the most of them!

If you need more tips or any specific information, talk to us. Good job!