Promoting live events as a tool for affiliate work may not be an obvious option when it comes to marketing planning. Is this a good technique to get more players? How to advertise your product in this way? Next, we’ll answer these and more questions you have about this subject.

How does live sales work?

As the name implies, selling live is doing some kind of online event and then offering a product. Generally, these events usually deal with a specific theme, directly related to the scope of the brand, and are used to motivate participants, even offering them a product, a partnership or a possibility of registration – but always at the end of the event. This means that the focus of this type of tool is on sales.

How are live events organized?

The organization depends a lot on each type of event: whether it is to present a product or to offer something usual from the brand, whether it is for many participants or for a few, among other aspects.

When it comes to big events, the organization has to be thorough. However, if the event is of a smaller dimension, it is enough to make a simple planning with the main points, so as not to forget any important information, and prepare the necessary visual materials in advance. Then just let the event happen.

Are live sales effective in promoting Betmotion?

Once you get a feel for what live sales are all about, the question will likely arise: is an event of this magnitude good for affiliates to promote Betmotion?

The answer is yes, they are effectively a tool that can be used very well by our affiliates. Again, it’s important that you size the event according to your audience, the product you have to promote and your resources.

Step by step to make a live sale

  • Think of a theme to be worked on, depending on the area of ​​entertainment you will promote.
  • Choose a welcome promotion corresponding to the game area.
  • Select some promotions for registered players and create a very attractive promotional package. Because if the registration promotion is not enough, for sure, inviting people to be part of an incredible promotion exclusive to those already registered will be a decisive factor.
  • Make small notes that serve as a guide at the time of the event. For example: how promotions work, what is needed to participate, etc. Have your affiliate link ready!
  • Set a specific day and time and advertise on your social networks. Even if it is an event for a few people, it will be very important for them to be aware and save this moment in their agenda.
  • Post the invitation in two or three days and wait.
  • When the time comes, just talk about what you already know: chosen theme, registration promotion and offers for already registered players.

We wish you success in your event!