Nowadays, Copywriting is considered one of the two main components to achieve a product sale, due to the huge product offer available on the market. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, do you know what exactly is and how to do copywriting? Learn how to do copywriting.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting could be defined as the production of content strategically planned out, with the main objective of reaching your audience of interest, to finalize a selling process. With this being said, we could resume that Copywriting searches for conversions through content.

Then, in order to reach the final stage (Sales), the copywriter will have the function to work with the customer, along the entire process, to convince them and influence on their decision. For this, the copywriter has techniques and tactics that will serve as guidance. This is why many professionals in the area call this tool as the “art” of writing and producing content to sell, or persuasive writing.

What is the difference between Content Marketing and Copywriting?

Considering the definition of Copywriting, some doubts could emerge of what is the difference with Content Marketing. It is true that both of them are focused on content and on the objective of the brand or company. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that they are not the same thing and that one does not replace the other one. But that the first one needs the second one in order to achieve the final objective.

With content marketing, you could create valuable content for your audience, getting to educate and convince them of the importance of your brand. Now with copywriting, you will be able to impact on your potential customer to take a definite decision about their purchase.

You could have excellent content available, through blogs, for example, but if it doesn’t come with the proper copywriting on the elaboration, it will not be well used. Even if content is good, it will not make people chose your brand. The objectives that motivate these two techniques are different, because with copywriting you work over the people’s needs, aiming at convincing them to make a purchase in the short term, while content marketing aims at educating and informing people, until it generates sales in the long term.

What does a copywriter do?

If you have thought of this question, you would most likely, have listened to a common answer: Copywriter writes. And this is not entirely mistaken, as certainly one of their functions is to write. But we could say that this is even one of the final parts of the whole process. Let’s take a look.

Before starting writing a text, the copywriter must make a list of the most relevant needs of their potential customers. Once he/she has determined the main ones, he/she will have to search and plan what benefits and advantages will be shown to satisfy those needs. Always keeping in mind that the way to show them must be persuasive.

The topics that a copywriter must focus on are knowing what the customer is looking for, the product we have to offer and understanding what are the downsides and complaints that could turn the customer away from the decision of purchasing such product. Learn how to do Copywriting with the advice we give you in continuation!

Which ones are the main techniques for copywriting?

As we were saying, doing copywriting is not just to write. It requires planning the articles and using certain techniques or strategies, upon redacting, in order for them to fulfil the expectations. Then, let’s see some of these aspects, so you won’t forget about them when writing.

1- Define your audience

It is truly relevant that you know your audience, because that will determine the information you will offer and in which manner, since you will be writing focused on the profile of your potential customer.

2- Determine registration, and language of your article

Knowing your audience, you will have to determine what tactic you will use to approach your topic. Because you must inform as well as communicate to your potential customers, in order for the communication to be effective.

3- Use action verbs

It is a must for copywriting to create the idea of urgency on the reader, to let on them the sense of, if not following the tips in the article, they will be losing a very good opportunity. Something useful for this is to use verbs in their imperative form, in tittles, subtitles and Call to Action. Some examples are: understand, compare, register, verify, experiment.

4- Be clear with your objective

It is true that the length of your article is very important, but it must not be too long. Because it could happen that, being anxious about writing a long article, you could lose clarity and your target. And that is not positive, because for the copywriter it is a must to communicate in a clear and straight manner.

What you can’t do with copywriting?

Not considering the above tips could turn against you, but there are also other topics that should be considered about things that shouldn’t be done. These are, some common mistakes when writing:

1- Do not use technical vocabulary

When you set your tone and how your article will be structured, remember that you shouldn’t use over technical vocabulary, because, sometimes, readers do not know certain words. And, so on, their use could lead to your audience not understanding the message. This will cause your readers to not like your website or blog, because they do not feel identified.

2- Avoid mentioning your brand all the time

Of course you should make clear which is your brand and its benefits, but you cannot abuse it. It is not good to talk all the time about how good you are, the products you offer and the benefits of your offer. Instead of being positive, you will make your audience tired of you and even doubt your credibility.

3- Do not imitate your competition

Consider your competition, learn about them, see how they work, but never imitate every little thing they do. You must know that what works for some might not work for others. Besides, it is a must that you should determine your own personality and identity, in order to be recognize by others.

As you can see, copywriting is truly important to lead a person to take a decision towards you and your brand. If you are looking for increasing your sales and make your business grow, learn and make the most out of these tools.
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