Undoubtedly, the essential factor in the work of affiliates is the publication of materials, whether on blogs, websites or social networks. However, sometimes we do not take the matter so seriously and lose a little efficiency even though it is necessary. We have to assume that this is a strategic issue, so we need to take the time to prepare every detail to make sure we are doing the best we can with our resources.

So, let’s go over some valuable considerations so that all our efforts are valid and generate good results?

Step by step for publication management

To generate posts that convert, we have to define some steps to follow. It’s not that you have to turn your routine into a fixed structure for everything to work, and we are explicitly talking about acquiring certain habits that do the work not in vain.

Here are some steps in this process:

  • Planning: First, before doing anything, you need to take a moment to think about what to publish, how, when, where and how often. All of this must be part of a strategy.
  • Creation: When you know what you want to publish, you need to create. Be it a text, an image or a video. Consider what tools you need to develop the materials and what information you will present. Write descriptive texts, draw how the images will be, etc.
  • Review: Once you have your materials available, don’t rush in; review them. Reread it, watch the videos, pay attention to the sound quality.
  • Post: After having reviewed everything, you can publish with the certainty that you are not passing any wrong information.
  • Dissemination: Disseminate your publication in all possible ways. Copy and paste the links on websites, blogs and social networks. Share your videos, put images in your stories. Make the most of your post so that it generates results. Accompany each post with eye-catching CTAs and motivate the registration action to obtain the fruits of these publications.
  • Measurement of results: After a while, analyze the results, see how many clicks there were on the links, count the entries and understand what type of publication works best with your audience.

How are you doing your posts? Do you post materials or manage all the content? Put our tips into practice, and then let us know what you think!