For some time now, we talked, in another post, about the importance of customer satisfaction. In theory, it may seem very simple, but in practice, can you do it? Today, we bring you a quick and easy guide to know what to do, every day, to get a satisfied customer. These small actions will take you to your goal:

1. Pay attention to the customer

Pay attention to each signal that your follower indicates. He may be telling you what he needs, what he would really like to achieve.

2. Have a differentiated service

Your service must be different from others. You don’t need to study strange techniques or anything. You just need to give a more personalized service, making your follower feel that you are almost a friend, someone he trusts. After all, nobody likes to be serviced by machines.

3. Spend time with your followers

We all understand that we are often too busy and don’t have much time left. However, therein lies the biggest problem. We do not have to dedicate the time that remains to the followers and customers, but the necessary time. They have doubts, questions, want to know the product, etc.

4. Make a simple after-sales

You don’t have to do a survey, send a questionnaire, or anything like that. But there are certain attitudes that help a lot. For example, after a follower of yours has become a customer, you can ask him what he thinks, if there is anything you can help. All of this puts you very well in front of your followers.

5. Share important information

You always have promotional materials, news, promotions and events highlighted. Do not hesitate, share this information with your followers, they have to be informed and like to feel that you care and never forget them.

6. Invest time in your social networks

Having social networks is very important, but you must not forget that they are not just for having an account. You need to work with them, post content, answer questions that arise, search for new followers and more. Keep social networks alive and take advantage of the features they offer.

7. Think like a customer

The last tip, and perhaps the most important, is that you think as if you were the customer. What do you like as a customer? How is the service you prefer? Is there any particular interest you have? Use your own answers to practice with the people who follow you.