Has it happened to you not knowing how or where to disclose your affiliate link? When you have been working in this profession for some time, links, b-tags and outreach generally don’t mean a problem. But at first, it may not be that simple. By the way, it never hurts to read some new tips, right? So, come on!

Conviction: myth or reality?

The essential aspect of getting into the topic of link disclosure is undoubtedly understanding how it works and trying to answer the question: Do you need to convince people to use your link? That is, is convincing a myth or a reality?

Well, at first glance, it might seem that it would not be so wrong to think of convincing each person to use your link, to sign up through it. But do you need to do this convincing work so directly? In fact, of course, there is a conviction, but it is not than explicit. It is, for the most part, implied. So we can say that this more traditional way of convincing ends up being almost a myth when it comes to the dissemination of links. But then how is it?

Link inclusion must be in the content you produce. Whether it’s an article, a Facebook post, a YouTube video, or a WhatsApp message, every communication channel you use should contain content. And this, in turn, will have to own your link. This is the way you advertise the product more indirectly.

Why worry about affiliate link disclosure?

The reason you worry about properly disclosing your affiliate link is that your work depends directly on it. Because it is through it that your affiliate program system accounts for your commissions, you can see for yourself that in the structure of your link, your identification number (b-tag) appears. Therefore, each sale made with this link will be associated with your affiliate account.

All of this means that if you promote the product but the customer’s final purchase is not made by your link, it will not count towards your commission.

Where to disclose the affiliate link?

You can spread your affiliate link in many ways and using various tools. You can choose as many as you like and make the most of them. The higher the amount, the greater the chances of getting a new customer. Check some of the main options to promote your link!

1- Social Media

Probably the most used space today for product promotion is the one that corresponds to social media. And this is no wonder, because they represent a practical way, even making the ads for free. Traffic on social media is high and still give the possibility to place texts, images, gifs and videos.

But if you want to get more out of it, you can start creating paid ads that are sure to offer better results.

2- Video Channels

Over time and with the emergence of new platforms, video channels, far from disappearing, seem to strengthen. In addition to uploading videos with content that is of value to your followers, it is essential that you put your affiliate link in the description as well as some CTA button. And not only in the description of each video but also in the channel description.

Remember that there should never be doubts or confusion, the registration option has to be clear and straightforward.

3- Question and Discussion Forums

Forums are a perfect option, working on them with dedication and taking care of all the details. It is a useful tool, as many people go looking for information on various topics and often go to these spaces. Probably because of their familiarity and the informal tone that characterizes them and this undoubtedly has to be enjoyed by affiliates. But it would help if you were very careful not to put the wrong information, to maintain proper communication and answer the questions asked. Always remembering that the answer has to be according to the brand disclosed.

Hurry up, spread your affiliate link in every way possible!

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