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History of Sports Betting

As unbelievable as it may seem, the tradition of gambling and, more specially, betting is very ancient, almost as much as civilization itself. Would you imagine that having one person betting against another with the objective of winning something, even though having the chance to loose, was already a tradition in ancient Egypt? Studies have shown they already made types of head-to-head with whatever they had available. Of course very primitive when compared to current days, same goes for the prizes. Stones and spears, animals or food would be used as stakes.

If you thought betting was a nowadays entertainment, think again! Betting are older than anyone could think of. But of course, in so many years, everything changed. And a lot. Do you want to know more about the mysterious world of sports betting? Then keep reading!

How and when did sports betting begin?

There are many theories and info and not all of them come together when it comes to the exact origin of sports betting. Nevertheless, truth is the tradition of betting on sporting events exists from long time ago. We all know mainly the online sports betting, but we cannot forget that, even nowadays, many places around the world use less evolved ways. This means, more classic ways in which punters go to an actual shop, go with their tip and purchase a ticket for their bet. It is more traditional, as online possibilities have either not reached those places first or are not of easy access.

The exact origin of betting itself, the traditional way, in tournaments or sporting events is not known. But, there is some more specific info regarding the start of online sports betting. Let’s get to it!

Origin of online sports betting

One could think this way of sports betting would be relatively new, but it has been around for over 20 years on the market, can you believe that? Well, this story started back in 1996, on the Caribbean, more specially Antigua & Barbuda. As it had legal background in favour of gambling, it was there that Intertops got the first license of online sports betting.

The first bet placed on Intertops was from a Finnish punter, Jukka Honkavaara, and was at a football match, especially in a match between Tottenham and Hereford United. It was then that a new era in entertainment started, opening space for thousands of bettors, from many different customers, to follow the Finnish.

After this, and at an almost incredible speed, many similar online bookies followed, to the point of specialists assuring the growth and financial transactions in the first two years of operations, being scary. That is how, big enterprises, known worldwide, thought of investing in the business modal at the time. In parallel, offline betting industry was reducing dramatically. With the boost of this new commercial opportunity, there was another area that saw a huge potential for profit. This was technology, specially those involved in software and technology systems, since they had the chance to create new tools for new tech needs that would appear.

This means there are many areas and people interested on online betting; far from taking jobs away, it created new opportunities for professionals each day.

With the years, this activity regulated more and more and websites started thinking more about advertising. This way, they started signing contracts with well-known brands and celebrities from different fields. Sponsorship grows day by day, brands have more presence in the market and this made that eventually, almost everybody have a general idea about the business. This was an amazing evolution within very few years, becoming, nowadays, a strong market, and an excellent alternative for whoever wants to work as an affiliate.

Sports betting nowadays

As we were saying, at one point, focus was towards the online world, in order for it not to limit itself in the traditional and innovation-restricted offline world. Nowadays, the story is different. Focus is on the customers. Due to this, the work of the affiliates gained a very important role, since it is a must to have presence, differentiation, extra benefits and quality communication in order to remain your actual customers and even gain more.

Then, online gambling industry is an opportunity itself for you to work on something with good economic chances. It becomes a must to know how to satisfy and even impress your audience, being always behind the new tendencies, innovation and updates.

And what are you waiting for to be part of our team and bring more people to entertain themselves in the impressive world of online sports betting?