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Guerrilla marketing: what do we know about it?

Traditional marketing, digital marketing, content and inbound marketing. There are so many different ways to do marketing, and all of them are very helpful to whom, like us, are dedicated to affiliation. But have you heard about guerrilla marketing? Well, this is one more tool available, and it is really worth learning about this relatively new area in the sales and business world.

What is guerrilla marketing?

The name itself already gives us an idea of its meaning or, at the very least, can guide us to understand a little more of what we are looking for. As we all know, every day, it becomes much harder to survive in the marketplace. Not that impossible, but what happens is that there are a huge amount of competitors, all trying to position themselves by offering more or less the same products and services. So it is essential to “attack” in some way, to have visibility, recognition and achieve a good amount of sales. It has always been important, but nowadays it has gained much more strength from having innovations both to reach the public and to keep it going afterwards.

What are we talking about when we talk about guerrilla marketing? We are talking about developing different, creative, unconventional strategies for your approach, with the goal of impacting and provoking action in public, because they are completely different.

What do we need to make guerrilla marketing?

One requirement that you have to meet to apply guerrilla marketing is to know your audience as much as possible. So much that you have perfectly defined their persona, this is essential because, in order to apply creative actions, you need to know which aspects you can innovate in and in what way to be well received by the public. For if your action negatively impacts, the result will bring down all dedicated efforts.

The other requirement you cannot forget about is planning. Any business strategy needs to be planned, but to consider innovative actions, planning must be even greater. Remember, investing time in advance, collecting data and prospecting is no waste of time. On the contrary, it is increasing the odds that your plan will work.

Does guerrilla marketing require special care?

Because guerrilla marketing is based on the use of different and disruptive strategies, special care must be taken. When applying “risky” techniques, you have to remember that the risks increase compared to a conventional strategy. This means that you will have to remain aware of every move and its results.

So, are you ready to fight with unique and innovative strategies? Study your audience, analyze your competition, and fight this “guerrilla” with new and disruptive tools. Take a shot!