There are many articles and books about marketing, talking about the different techniques, tools that help in its implementation, and much more. But in addition to each of these concepts, there is also a more global strategy for better results. Read on and see what we mean when we talk about marketing orchestration.

What is marketing orchestration?

As the name implies, this strategy consists of the coordination of marketing actions, which leads to an efficient obtaining of results due to the customers’ great experience.

The notion of “orchestra” gives an idea of ​​how this strategy should work: as if the different tools, techniques and people were components of a large orchestra that to achieve a harmonic melody, each one must fulfil a different function. Most important of all in this idea is that each of the elements work in alignment, each in its place.

This analogy is fascinating, as it perfectly reflects how each job, each strategy or objective should work. You cannot delete any element, as each has a specific role. You can be sure that if any of them are not, the orchestra’s final melody will not be the same. So, the same concept applies to marketing.

Is it necessary to think about marketing orchestration?

Thinking about orchestrating marketing techniques and modalities is increasingly necessary. As with any task you perform, it is also essential that the different actions are aligned to achieve the same goal in marketing.

The result will not be the same if you do different actions separately, hoping that each one will bring results (but without knowing exactly what can work) than if you think about several actions and plan a larger strategy with them.

It is not about doing things just for the sake of doing them separately. On the contrary, it is making a macro plan and thinking about various actions that will be part of the original plan. In addition to the organization, efficiency is more significant in all aspects when orchestrating actions. The resources are better used.

Develop a complete idea, processes to follow, tasks to perform and what you want to achieve by implementing this great orchestra, not musical, but with actions focused on your business goal.