Today, we want to talk to you about something directly related to your Betmotion affiliate role: bonuses. It is important to understand why bonuses and their corresponding promotions are the most important work tool for the affiliate.

Of course, there are thousands of techniques and resources that our affiliates can, and should, take advantage of. However, all of this works as a form of dissemination, precisely, of bonuses. This means that the main marketing material for the affiliate to use is the bonus. So, we want to explain to you some important details and the benefits of using them, especially if you are new to the affiliate business.

What is a bonus?

Bonuses are gifts that online entertainment houses often give their players. And Betmotion is no exception. On the contrary, Betmotion is renowned for its variety of offers, both for new players and for those already registered.

This means that the bonus is an extra value that Betmotion offers for the users, it can be, for example, a percentage of gift on the amount deposited by the player or a certain amount of spins. Whether by deposit or bet, the bonus always works as a gift, an extra value for the player to have fun.

What are bonuses for?

Bonuses are primarily a benefit to players and therefore serve to increase their playing possibilities. But we also have to highlight the relevance of bonuses for affiliates.

The bonus is an excellent attraction for players to become interested in the bookmaker, that is, it is a way for you to convince people to sign up and bet later. After all, who doesn’t like to be welcomed in different places? The same goes for our players, they feel privileged and important.

Your convincing work will be much less intense if you approach your followers with a gift. 

How does the affiliate advertise bonuses?

Our affiliates can advertise all of our offers and bonuses in any way that is right for them. That is social networks, blogs, video channels, broadcast groups on WhatsApp, Telegram,etc.

Remember to use promotions and bonuses properly identified with your affiliate code. For that, you have to request custom codes from us or remove the links from our platform, as this is how new registrations count in your affiliate account.

Access your account, enter Marketing tools, select the game area of your choice, discover the wide variety of bonuses available, and share with your followers!