A phrase often heard in the world of online business and marketing is: “Content is the king”. And it is. However, it is important to understand that there are different types of content, all useful and relevant, but some more than others. Among them is the evergreen content. Have you heard? Read on to learn everything about it.

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content, also known as perennial content, is content that, due to its theme, lasts over time. You must be asking yourself: how so? Well, those are matters that do not lose value, which is always current. Unlike factual news, evergreen does not get “old” in two or three days. It is an article, video, or infographic that you can consult now, in two months, or next year and it will continue to be relevant.

Another aspect that characterizes this type of content is that it is deeper than those that are not evergreen. That is, the evergreen content is more explanatory, gives more information, may have a more technical or specific vocabulary, it goes further. In news content, for example, we only find the most necessary data, in the simplest possible way and that does not take up much space or time, in the case of a video.

Why produce evergreen content?

1- First, because your followers need relevant information. And evergreen content is undoubtedly highly valued by the public, which is why it lasts over time.

2- Second, because it is usually educational content, and this is of great value to your followers. Since it is always good to learn and increase knowledge within the area, even if it is material that has been published for some time.

3- Also because it helps in positioning your website or blog. But, for that, you need to put the appropriate keywords for the theme, in addition to paying attention to the links placed in the middle of the text, the images, etc.

Tips for generating evergreen content

1- Think about those topics that are always present in your area and, therefore, will always be useful.

2- Update the content you already have, making it stay within the classification of evergreen, but gaining a renewed air that maintains its positioning.

3- Add – or even change – the internal links within the text, thus giving you more views to other posts.

4- Avoid placing specific dates or time stamps that are out of date. If necessary, you can choose to update this information, for example, by changing adverbs that always bring the information to the present.