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Build customer loyalty or get new ones?

How much time and effort are you devoting to build customer loyalty? It’s true that most of the affiliate’s work is focused on acquiring new clients, but the next step is to make them loyal. Maybe the most significant responsibility is from the brand itself and not so much from the affiliate, but the work can, and should, be done together. For they complement each other, not least because it isn’t only about brand loyalty, but also about the support offered by the affiliate. Let’s see more about this?

The acquisition of customers responds to the goal of growth and expansion of the brand. However, loyalty is directly linked with the duration of the business; after all, is what guarantees the success of the enterprise. For sure it’s much harder to keep a customer than to bring in a new one. That‘s why loyalty is such an essential aspect because no business can survive by bringing in new users every day without having the necessary care with them afterwards.

Remember that, as an affiliate, you are a gateway to the brand. This means that a customer brought in by you will remain to buy and to choose you instead of others.

If we delve deeper into this issue, we’ll see that the affiliate’s role is significant in retaining a client. After all, the first approximation that the customer has with the brand is through the affiliate and, as we all know, you never get a second chance to make an excellent first impression. Of course, this first impression isn’t entirely accurate to reality, but it’s quite different when a customer arrives at a business with an image already formed of it because then we need to confirm the previous idea.

Have you ever thought about the importance of this image that you transmit to retain customers? Understanding that the image sent must be real and positive, but without exaggeration, it’s possible to get clients who stay with us. For them, it’s imperative that the main idea passed on is real and can be confirmed by themselves. This is due to the professionalism, seriousness and commitment of the brand.

However, finally, when does the loyalty process begin? Once the first or subsequent purchase is made? The fact is that loyalty starts even before that. Also before the customer becomes a customer. So what does that mean? It means that the first person in charge of the loyalty process is the affiliate. Loyalty is being built gradually, and it takes time for a customer to be evaluated as to their loyalty. However, this doesn’t mean that loyalty is defined at this time, quite the contrary. The loyal customer will be formed from the first image, indication, suggestion or impression received from the brand. Also, this happens through affiliate work.

Affiliate and customer loyalty

As we talked about it, the role of the affiliate is imperative to get satisfied and loyal customers. In addition to the affiliate’s primary mission of bringing in new clients, other duties are performed unconsciously, on a secondary plane. That is to say; his primary function will always be the acquisition of new clients, but, in parallel, his work will serve other secondary things, but not less relevant.

There is another aspect that makes the affiliate a protagonist in the process of loyalty. Often he brings a new customer that buys but isn’t permanently linked to the brand, because, for example, it can be a product that isn’t many purchases. It may also happen that the customer is still active, but that at any given moment he or she needs a tip or wants to buy another product. Do you know whom they’ll turn to? Yes, to the affiliate, because was who indicated the place and who present the brand. If the customer has the right image of the affiliate and the brand, most likely continue to rely on it for possible questions or suggestions. This translates into confidence, security and credibility, so the customer won’t go out looking for an unknown brand.

Why retain customers is so important as getting new ones?

In the business world, we’re often focused on acquiring new customers, and we forget about those who are already with us. We think that they are already on our side buying our product and that they’ll always prefer our option and not others. However, unfortunately, it’s not that easy. It is necessary to generate permanent actions on our part to maintain the client. So this applies to both the brand and the affiliate.

The first reason for the importance of customer loyalty is that in times of market or sales difficulties if you already have a good number of clients, you can somehow compensate for faults in other areas of the business. Alternatively, at the very least, you’ll not worry about going out desperately in search of alternatives, you can do it more calmly.

Besides, a satisfied and loyal customer represents someone who will indicate our business. That is, he’ll indicate your work as an affiliate and the security you have passed on to him and will indicate the brand as the actual image of what you have communicated. And then, build customer loyalty or get new ones?

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