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2019 Challenge: being an affiliate in the world of mobile marketing

In some respects, we could say that this challenge is not brand new, but there are still many things we can think about it and many strategies to built, don’t you think? Well, in the professional field, every year brings news and emergencies, such as tools, technics and challenging goals to be reached in a market that grows and diversifies every day. So now we are going to see what urgent challenge cannot wait anymore and must be fulfilled this year!
Let’s discover the importance of mobile marketing!

The urgency in the world of mobile marketing

You have read it above and probably are still thinking: the mobile world is considered as a challenge just now? Well, if you believe that this is not a novelty you are right, but there are still many things to be adapted and considered for this specific field, specially if we think about the work of the affiliate.

The term mobile marketing arose due to the need to make available all services on the mobile platforms and formats and because it is very important to have updated structures. And this does not only mean to have a website available in this version, but also to have all original options in this new world. Everything must work in it and you have to create new strategies, alternative methods of publicity and even worktools to get closer to your public.

If we pay attention to the mobile question, we can conclude that it is a purely technical and infrastructure issue. In other words it’s nothing but a computing adaptation. But this is just a part of the movement to be made. It’s not only a systematic change, but also a change of mind and perspective. Brands, companies and affiliates must adopt a wider perspective to understand that beyond the technological evolution, the profile of the target audience has also changed.

People change their practices, establish new habits, stop liking certain things and start to like other things. That’s why we must adapt ourselves to everything. And when we talk about everything, we really mean it. Before, our priority was the desktop world, but now we can consider this priority as a second option. Did you realized that there are people who don’t use the classic platforms anymore? This is why we have to change all our actions, because we may lose money and time on things that will not be worth and will not make a profit.

Mobile marketing

We believe we are fully convinced that our focus is on thinking about mobile sales, as the own title says. Your dissemination strategy and promotion must prioritize social media, emails, WhatsApp messages and apps, because you have to be present on all media in which the users spend their days.

Do you know what it means to rethink the strategy for mobile mode? It means to be where your public is. And more. You also have to be accessible and adapted to the way they like to search information. Think about you as an user and a consumer of online products and then you will realize what you want and in which way you want it. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the world that better defines the profile of the current users is practicity. Yes, practicality from the first to the last step you make. And the less steps you make, the better.

Practicality is everything we must think about. During the process of convincing the clients and when they are buying the product, nothing must last longer than the time they are willing to spend. And it’s a short time, believe it. Because this is one more characteristic of these days. Nobody has time to lose, nor patience to wait for slow systems and procedures. Practicality, commodity and simplicity are everything your website, blog, channel or social media need to be successful in business. Be sure of something: if someone doesn’t find what they are looking for with you, they will search it somewhere else.

Being an affiliate in the age of mobile devices

The work of the affiliate, as everything else, must adopt the mobile perspective, disseminating it in all possible forms. This way you can get a good return. As we mentioned before, if you don’t do it, you can lose time and money. You can also be demotivated when not seeing the expected results.

The affiliate needs to reach as many people as possible, so they have to disseminate their product where these people are most part of their times, which means the mobile sphere. It cannot be any other way. The mobile age is and must be the affiliate’s greatest ally. It’s a tool, method and technique of all results you achieve.

You may probably be immerse under mobile world in your personal life, because we live the mobile age, but how are your work as an affiliate? Are you daily looking for new registers with the great variety of ways we have? Follow these steps and challenge your own limits. Join the mobile marketing!