We have often talked about the importance of generating the content, producing texts, even if they are not extensive, and the excellent tool that is content marketing in general. However, it may happen that we do not know exactly which texts are most relevant or what type of information is best to share.

In the beginning, when we started to produce content, it is common that many ideas of topics to write come up. But over time, it seems that it becomes more challenging to plan the posts. Matters are starting to run out, and it seems that there is nothing more to talk about. And that is where the worry begins.

But try to be calm because, with practice, you realize that there is always a novelty or a new angle for a topic you have already discussed, which allows you to complement the posts and bring new looks to your followers. Keep reading this article to avoid falling into the “no more subject to write” trap.

How to avoid falling into the despair of not knowing what to write?

The way to avoid falling into the despair of not knowing what to write is to work every day for it. Like this? You have to read, search for information, search Betmotion for what’s new, pay attention to promotions, get ideas from different blogs and social networks, see what your followers ask for and what they like. That way, you will have ideas that can become helpful content.

So, first, you must incorporate the information. Then, it would be best if you organized yourself. It is not enough to think, have a lot of ideas and never finish organizing. Plan the content, make notes, have detailed control of what topics you are posting and which ones you plan to post.

What texts cannot be missing from your planning?

You can think of the content you want and plan texts according to your preferences. But some textual tips are useful, as they answer the most frequently asked questions from customers. Here are some of them:


We all like educational content. Who has never looked for a recipe, a step by step or a practical guide? It is no different from bookmakers, so this type of text is an excellent opportunity for you. Instruct your followers to sign up for Betmotion, teach the necessary steps to bet, show how the deposit should be made etc.


Descriptive texts are everything for those who want to learn about an unknown area or for those who are amateurs. You can make different descriptions about Betmotion that will take your follower to register and place bets. Describe what the house is like, what the welcome bonuses are like, show the best sports betting options, make short reports about some casino games etc. The main thing, compare your content with the competition, be objective in the information offered and number the functionalities and advantages of Betmotion.


Of course, like the previous ones, informational texts are essential, but you also have to try to reach your sales goals more directly. Descriptive and educational texts lead to indirect sales and are part of a long-term process. Already with advertisers, you seek a faster response from followers, try to convince them. Take advantage of our promotions, advertise your affiliate or promotional link, place CTAs that are visible and use vocabulary that motivates the registration.


But isn’t the narration exclusively intended for literature? No way! All people tell stories all the time. Storytelling is part of the essence of the human being. Because it is so present in everyone, followers love it. Do not think of extensive narrations, with complex structures, with literary figures typical of writing. Just think about something more straightforward. There is no need to be a writer. See what types of stories related to the entertainment area can be good for your followers, write something about it in short paragraphs and share. Don’t forget to close the story with a CTA, a link or an exclusive promotion to facilitate registration.