Content creation is essential to the work of affiliates. This is the biggest tool we have – or we can even think that it’s the only one, because, after all, sales (that is, registrations, in our case) come from the dissemination of material.

However, sometimes, it happens that we keep thinking about the same things, the same type of content, and we lose sight of what should be our main objective: to captivate people. And to captivate people, first of all, we need to retain their attention. So, we need to be attentive to the details so as not to end up producing materials that are irrelevant to our audience.

Create content or not?

To analyze today’s topic, let’s start from the beginning. Perhaps, you have already fallen into this question, wondering if it is really worth generating different types of content or if it will not be a waste of time. One thing you have to be sure of: content production is never a waste of time. So, the answer is that we have to create content.

The fact is that this is the main route for us to reach people who are not yet our followers. And not only that, it is the best form of persuasion for those who already follow us.

What is interactive content?

As we have already mentioned in other posts, there are different types of content, with different goals. However, today we are going to talk about interactive content. Yes, one more classification that you need to know, not only to accumulate knowledge, but to take advantage of these tools and to increasingly professionalize your social networks, video channels and blogs.

To better understand this type of content, we will make a comparison between static and dynamic content. When we talk about static materials, we are referring to options that do not change, that you publish and are always the same, for example, a still image, a flat text or a post that does not call for any action.

When we mention dynamic materials, we are talking about contents that interact in some way with the receivers. The most evident materials of this type are audiovisual, but they are not the only ones. We can also make texts that are dynamic. The point here is to have inspiration and creativity.

As you can imagine, dynamic materials are the most interactive. But, be careful, this does not mean that static materials are not, because the ability of a content to interact depends a lot on the scope. For example, we can have an excellent text of history, one of the best to study a certain historical fact, with proven data, which overturns false reports from the collective imagination, etc. This text, in this context of study, can be the most interactive. As for our business, this text is not interactive, as it is unlikely to get a reaction from our audience.

What can be considered interactive content for online players?

To know what can work and provoke a reaction in our audience, we have to think about the profile of those who follow us. Generally, they are people who like immediate things, they are not avid readers, they want quick solutions, they are influenced by flashy and very persuasive vocabulary. That is, you have to apply all marketing techniques for this, so you will achieve the goal.

Interactive content will be the most useful for you to retain the attention of your followers. You can plan short, motivating videos. You can show odds for some events, in addition to featuring new casino games, etc. But always thinking about something that is fast and dynamic.

You can create short texts, with highlighted keywords, that motivate your followers. Inform promotions, put your affiliate link, highlight any promotion. Don’t forget: a short text, with good information and, most importantly, well written, with imperative verbs and with the CTAs indicated. Leave room for interaction, be it a chat, comments on posts, ask and answer. Focus on the interaction!

Get the most out of banners and promotions

Our banners with promotions are a clear example of dynamic materials that seek the reaction and, still, often motivate the interaction between the affiliate and the follower. Then, access your affiliate account, go to the marketing materials option and search for the banners we have available. Post the materials everywhere, keep an eye on your followers and see how it works to attract new registrations.