If we think about affiliate marketing and the functions of the affiliate, there is a lot to talk about. But we rarely stop to reflect on the different types of affiliates that exist.

Did you know that, depending on the way you work and your specializations, you can be qualified as a referee affiliate or as an authority affiliate? Well, keep reading that we will explain everything. 

Authority affiliate

One of the types of affiliates that exist is the authority affiliate. It is the one we find most in our business, that is, in the online entertainment industry.

The authority affiliate is characterized by the production of content, as he is aware that his audience needs useful materials and values the help that the affiliate offers. As we mentioned on other occasions, there is a lot of content that you can generate that is interesting for your followers. For example: information related to betting, games, deposit methods, how to register, what are the benefits of Betmotion, etc. 

To talk about these matters, it is very important that you know the product that you promote. The more information and knowledge you have about our business, the better your content will be. So, we can conclude that an authority affiliate is an expert in the field that he discloses. And, not least, he shares his knowledge.

This affiliation requires that the professional has a good audience and he/she needs to work with it in the medium and long term. It is not something that will yield results overnight, it is a process that will take some time until you reach the desired goals. However, as in most areas, permanent and dedicated long-term work will yield good results and, perhaps, more lasting. In other words, the focus is on followers, on increasing and maintaining them.

Referee affiliate

The referee affiliate is very different from the one who is an authority. They change the focus, the deadlines, the methods and the final objectives. Although we mentioned above that the most common, in entertainment, is the authority affiliate, we also have many referees.

The referee affiliate does not need to be an expert in the field, but must have the right dissemination tools that guarantee the expected results. This already gives an idea that the affiliate does not seek the educational side as much nor seeks to create a long-term relationship with the followers, until reaching the goal. 

The referee affiliate is more focused on direct sales. He does not need to be an expert, but must have effective sales resources that guarantee a quick conversion. This type of affiliate does not care so much about increasing his followers and making them stay and be loyal to him. His biggest concern is to complete the sale as quickly as possible.

Thus, this type of affiliation has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the possibilities of the affiliate. Some choose to make the most of their knowledge and gain from it. Others decide to make a good investment and rely on paid advertising methods, without depending on a specialization in the area.

What do you think is the best way to work as a Betmotion affiliate? Did you identify with any of these types, do you mix the two or do you have another way of working?