Much is said, in these quarantine times, about seeking alternatives, getting inspired and having a lot of creativity to make the home office a genuinely productive moment. However, we must not forget another factor that is directly related to all of this, which is motivation. And you, as an affiliate, are not left out of this. With fewer possibilities of commuting, fewer options for leisure outside the home and learning and reorganizing tasks, it is essential not to lose motivation. Let’s see more about this?

What is motivation?

To understand what we are talking about, we have to follow the concept of motivation. It is the motivation that makes you feel driven to do something. It is like an invisible, internal “engine” that moves you to do something. Motivation can be applied to everything, both for personal and professional life. That’s why we think it’s so important to take care of it always, but now with more intensity.

Specific points always function as high motivating forces, whatever the circumstances, such as:

These attitudes, among others, can serve for you to take the initial step that will take you to the jump so that you reach your goals, both personal and professional. However, although the initial impulse is essential, you need to stay motivated along the way. This could even be simple, if we had normal circumstances, it would be enough to follow the three examples mentioned above. However, in extraordinary situations, it is necessary to have some more motivation tools, in order not to lose focus on your goal.

What to do to increase motivation?

As we said, this is the time to boost our motivation. Thinking about it, we chose small actions that can help you with this challenge. See below:

  • Practice any type of physical activity, be it gymnastics, dancing, walking, running, whatever you can do, as long as you move.
  • Try to think as if you are already on the verge of reaching that big goal that you set, as it gives energy and enthusiasm.
  • Don’t do nothing; the action is the biggest secret. Of course, it is necessary to think, reflect and plan, but this should all end in action, not inactivity.
  • Commit to the goals set by yourself.
  • In addition to the big goal, propose small, more accessible objectives. Their sum will give the final result.
  • Do not dedicate time just to your obligations, leave space for relaxation activities, to have fun, to think about something other than meeting goals. It will be in these moments of leisure that you will recharge your willpower.
  • Don’t demand too much from yourself. Be responsible and persistent, do what you have to do, but don’t push yourself over the limit.

So, how are you dealing with motivation in your daily life? Is it a problem for you, or is it managing to keep your balance?

Reflect on our tips and do what you can to not lose the desire to make it happen. Success!